100 Life Goals, Make Your Own Bucket List

Hundred Goals

We’re all familiar with goal setting or the concept of making a bucket list – the things we want to do or accomplish prior to kicking the bucket.  However, few of us actually take action on the idea.  Few of us put pen to paper to define the list and even fewer still take the action necessary to start crossing things off that list.

That’s what makes my friend Steven so rare.  Not only has be made a list, he has made considerable strides in documenting, accomplishing, and turning over his list.

Consider that Steven has accomplished 33 of his original 100 goals – a full third – and he’s added to his list, which now stands at 200 goals, of which he’s accomplished 46 – almost 25%.

What’s even more impressive is that he so freely and passionately shares his experiences on his website:  Hundred Goals.

My favorite thing Steven says about his experience is that none of them individually changed his life, but through the collective experience he has grown in ways he never could have expected.  And isn’t that what life is all about?  Doing things, sometimes small, that bend and shape and mold us into better and more rounded versions of ourselves.

One of Steven’s goals, Number 24, is to publish a book and I’m pleased and even honored to share with you his success.

Today is the official launch of his first book – Hundred Goals – Inspiration to Live Your Dream

This book is a collection of his best essays, each selected and polished to convey a clear and motivating message.  This is a book I’ve enjoyed spending time with and one I highly recommend to you.

In fact, just as Steven has challenged himself through his journey, I want to challenge you to support his success and possibly even motivate you to achieve a higher version of yourself through the process.

Here’s a link to his book on Amazon.   It’s priced about the same as a visit to Starbucks so there’s really no reason not to pick up a copy – which supports his ongoing mission.

Give it a read and join the discussion.