Happy Blog Launch Day!

 Happy Blog Launch Day, and Welcome to me! 

Ha, those are likely the most self serving words you’ll ever read in these pages – or so I hope.   But at least for today, I’ll stand by them.  Like a teenage girl on her birthday when everything is about her… well, ok, I won’t go to quite that extreme but you get the picture.  I’m excited because if you’re reading these words then I’m an official member of the blogosphere – or whatever the kids are calling it these days – and I’m pretty excited about that…   Now I just need to keep it between the rails.

Consider this post the warm handshake greeting you at the door – “WELCOME!” 

In the spirit of a guided tour – there’s more information about me in my “Personal Introduction” and something akin to an unabridged mission or thesis statement in the “Do you Dave Ramsey?” title track.  For a further peak into what makes me tick there’s “Dave Approved” which inventories some of my favorite things and borrowing from that theme there’s “My Beloved iPod, My Window to the World” which delves into my Top Ten iTunes features.  

The title track companion piece “7 Shades of Dave” is my attempt at humor but there are also more serious “Taking the Buyout Plunge” and practical DYDR Tool articles as well.

One might say that I’m trying to nail the rock anthem, power ballad, sappy prom love song, and killer ‘B’ side all on my debut album… I’ll let you be the judge!

So again, welcome aboard and take a couple minutes to surf around, read an article, participate in a reader poll, signup for our feeds, or post a comment.  I’d love to collect your feedback.

In the meantime, don’t forget to tip your waitresses and bartenders – by visiting our sponsor links – and we look forward to having you around!

Happy Blog Launch Day!!


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