5 Things I HATE about Personal Finance

 I suppose you saw this one coming after my recent article in this vein.  Even as a Personal Finance disciple there are still elements that I dislike…  So with tongue (mostly) in cheek, here is a list of 5 things I Hate about Personal Finance.

  • Personal Finance dampens the fun of impulses – I want a new car!  Specifically I want a new Acura TL.  It is such a beautiful car.  It is luxurious, but not overly so, and surely it would be lots of fun to drive.  I work hard and have a decent income.  Surely I deserve something better than a dumpy get-old-of-debt car.  I could have it.  The dealership would allow me to take one home today.  What’s the hold-up?  My budget is the hold-up.  It will not allow me make such a purchase because it does not conform to my financial plans for the future.  Stupid budget, what does it know about curb appeal anyways?


  • With Personal Finance there’s always math involved – Add in the income and subtract out the expenses and divide my planned purchase by the number of months separating then and now and multiply this interest rate by… what’s the formula for compound interest again?  Geez, spending all my money and then borrowing for the rest is so much easier to figure (in the short term).


  • Practicing disciplined Personal Finance causes people to look at me funny – So when I tell people that I can’t go to dinner because it isn’t in the budget or when family members see my ratty car they kind of look at me in a strange way.  They all know I have a good job – better than theirs in some instances – so what is my problem.  “Get outta wha…?  This cat is crazy!”  Is what so many of them say without having to say a word.  I sometimes resent that I’m considered the odd ball when I’m the one trying to make my life better.  Personal Finance makes me realize that something just isn’t right and I don’t like it.


  • Sound Personal Finance tools cause me to wish away time – I love my Debt Snowball Scheduler.  With it I can calculate exactly when I’ll be debt free!  Yep, in 10 months and 14 days I’ll be free of all my non-mortgage debt and I can’t wait.  In fact, I hate waiting.  I simply can’t stand it…. 10 months, 10 months, 10 months…. I’d give anything if it were 10 months and 14 days from now, RIGHT NOW!!


  • Personal Finance makes be consider doing weird things to save even more money – So I’m whiling away time until I’m debt free and I can’t help but think if I can cut expenses that I can achieve my goals faster.  What if…. I cancel cable, and brown bag my lunches, and clip coupons, and call my credit cards companies to lower my interest rates.  Hmm, I could use less toothpaste and change all my light bulbs, and reset my thermostat, and plant a garden, and make my own laundry detergent, and… hey, what’s this?  Am I becoming? Have I become… Frugal?

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