6 Month Anniversary

 We pause our usual programming to bring a little attention to a small milestone.  Today, August 11, 2009 marks the 6 month anniversary of this little blogging endeavor.

Now 6 months is not a huge accomplishment in most circles, but it is not completely insignificant in the blogging world.  Trust me, I’ve read much about this in my early days and I’ve observed much the same.  Starting a blog is a piece of cake compared to feeding its incessant demand for new content and updates which can be a challenge leaving so many newly launched sites well short of this milestone.  And so while I’ll still consider myself a newbie until I reach the 12 month mark, I’ll pause to enjoy this passing moment.


3 Things I’ve enjoyed most:

  • Community.  I’ve met several really great people in the process of launching and running this site.  It is encouraging to randomly encounter folks from across the country and even the world who share this hobby and who so freely offer their support and encouragement.  It is truly humbling. 


  • Creative outlet.  For many years I fashioned myself as a writer.  But other than trying my hand as a ‘reporter’ for a college football website several years ago, my writing was limited to work related reports and long winded emails with friends – mostly about college football as well.  However, having this site has allowed me to actually write with a purpose.  It has been both a learning and growing experience for me.  I don’t claim to be a brilliant writer by any stretch, but some days (I think) I offer something pretty good.


  • You, my growing audience.  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  I’ve so enjoyed the comments and dialogue you guys bring to the table.  I am always pleased to see a comment or email come across from one of my readers.  I appreciate your support and enjoy your ideas and the value you bring to the process.  Lately my numbers have been growing (modestly) but I’m thankful and hopeful as the next 6 months begins.


3 Things I’ve enjoyed least:

  • Deadlines.  Not long after starting this site, I sprang-up in bed with the realization that I now needed to create bunches and bunches of content.  There was a mild panic but I’ve mostly overcome that for now.  I’ve settled into a nice 2 article/week schedule and, knock on wood, I’ve not missed a deadline yet.  At times I’ve written in batches and at times it’s been day to day and I’ve enjoyed elements of each.


  • S L O W S T A R T…. I tried valiantly to burst onto the blogging scene.  I created bunches of pre-launch content and then contacted nearly 100 bloggers in an effort to have them support my launch.  I then proceeded to fall flat on my face.  I quickly learned that subscribers are currency in this game and I was broke and asking for favors so I was treated as little more than a spammer.  I’ve since realigned my expectations and have had much more fun.  The rest will come in time.


  • Writer’s Block. So far I’ve done ok with this.  I’ve only bumped into the wall rather than collided into it.  However, I’ve had moments when I’ve feared that I’ve said all I have to say.  About that time I’ll see something on TV or on another site and quickly churn out another set of articles.


 News and Notes:

  • I’ve surpassed 100 subscribers!  I’ve been hesitant to share my reader counts because the number has been so low and it tends to bounce around.  I didn’t want the low count to detract or undermine the validity of my content, (low subscriber counts must mean poor content).  But I’m proud of my ‘success’ to date and I’m confident that it’ll continue to trend upward – with your continued support of course.


  • I’ve written at length about the potential controversy over my naming convention.  I’ve shared when I’ve been confused for Dave Ramsey (both times), and I’ve even posted copy of the letter I sent to Dave’s team. Well, I have recently received their response.  We’re working together on their concerns and mine but ultimately I may be changing names… stay tuned.


  • This is a hobby, not a profit center.  I’ve been accused of making money by posing as Dave Ramsey – by wild haired commenters , not Ramsey’s team.  However, the reality is that I’ve made less than $100 in the last 6 months.  Not enough to cover my set-up costs much less the time and effort I’ve invested.  Additionally, none of that money have I actually received as AdSense and Amazon have ‘minimum payout’ thresholds.  I’m not complaining, but as I so rarely discuss revenues, I thought I’d share a little information now.  Of course I’d love to generate some dollars here but I’m not obsessed with it.


Favorite Articles:

A mix of reader favorites as well as my own




I can always use your help and support and encouragement.  If you’ve enjoyed the journey so far then consider taking one or more of the following action.



  • Share your favorite article with a friend and ask that they consider checking out the site. (or include your favorite article in a round-up if you’re a fellow blogger)


  • Continue to read along and enjoy as we embark on our next 6 month interval!