7 Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me

 And so it happens… I’ve been tagged again.  Well, three times actually.  My taggers include the likes of:

Stephen at the Rat Race Trap

Ron at the Wisdom Journal

Steven at Hundred Goals

I personally enjoy reading (and subscribing) to each of their sites so I wanted to return the favor by participating in this meme.  This is my second meme, you can read the first on here.  I’ve tried to be a pretty open book on my site but I’ll give it my best to surprise you. 

But first, here are the rules:

1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post – check, see here and above

2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post – check, see below

3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs – check, see below below

4. Let them know they’ve been tagged – check, but you’ll just have to trust me


7 Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me… here goes, BTW, the first entry will establish a loose theme for this edition of my meme

1) On Tuesday of last week (May 19) I accepted a new job.  If you’ve been following along you’ve noticed that I recently accepted a buyout and that I’ve been on the job search.  That search recently ended and I’m very much looking forward to beginning this next phase of my career.

 2) With this new job, I’ll get to sleep in my own bed every night. For the first 12 plus years of my career I traveled almost exclusively.  I’ve had some local projects and some time between projects but most of my career has entailed weekly travel – out Monday mornings and back Thursday or Friday nights.

3) My job-related travels have enabled me to work and meet people in many great places.  I’ve participated on projects in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Dublin (Ireland), Canterbury (England), Dorado (Puerto Rico), Morpeth (England), Holland (MI), Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Parsippany, Hartford, Louisville, Kingston (TN), Atlanta, St. Louis, Washington, DC, Terre Haute, Brooklyn, Groton, Wilmington, and I’m sure several other cities that are not coming straight to mind.

4) Travel has its perks, and I’ve enjoyed several cool (and “sponsored”) events that I would have missed had I not been such a road warrior.  Teams I’ve seen play in their home venues include: Yankees, Orioles, Phillies, Pirates (best stadium in baseball), Nets, 76ers, Ducks, Braves, Louisville Bats.  Other cool sites on the road include Dorado Beach, Liberty Bell, Anheuser Busch brewery tour, Louisville Slugger factory tour, West Coast Choppers, Matt Hotch Choppers, Chico Choppers, Churchill Downs, Catalina Island, Atlantic City, Times Square, Dave Letterman Show, Madison Square Garden, many many great steak houses, and a great cigar bar in Philly.

 5) I graduated from the University of Alabama and moved to St. Louis for my first job. I earned both my undergrad and graduate degrees in Tuscaloosa and joined a big 4 consultancy’s St. Louis based location after school.  I lived there about 2 years before transferring to Atlanta.  I stayed with this employer for the first 12+ years of my career… which makes my new (soon to start) job only the second stop in my career.

 6) More information about my career is available on my LinkedIn profile.  I’ve made a point of not talking in too specific terms about my employers and career in this forum.  This is a decision I’ve made to foster a separation but not because I have anything to hide.  I have a LinkedIn badge on the bottom right of this (and every) page that links to my profile homepage.  Feel free to check it out and add me to your network if you’d like.

 7) I want a passive income stream.  I guess that’s not a real surprise, who wouldn’t want a passive income stream?  But what you may not know is that I have 3 eBook ideas and 1 great marketing/advertising idea in my head.  My challenge is getting them moving beyond the conceptual phase.

Phew, so that wasn’t so bad.  Now I have to tag 7 new folks to keep this thing alive.  Ok, here’s what I want to do – to add a little spin to it.  Rather than tagging 7 folks that I already know pretty well.  I’m going to identify 7 bloggers whom I’ve only recently bumped into via comments or shared links but whom I’d like to get to know better.  Here goes….

The Digerati Life

Enemy of Debt

The Financial Dad

Money Funk

Porter Coaching

Steadfast Finances

Prime Time Money

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15 thoughts on “7 Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Me

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Hmm, a decent writer? Know anyone??

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      You are so right… I need to just start! Once I get some ideas on paper it’ll start to flow.

  1. I hear you about #7! Passive income is currently funding my debt snowball and sinking funds each month. I wrote an ebook on a very niche topic and have been very pleased with the income–I encourage you to move form the conceptual stage to the process of outlining and writing the ebook. Best of luck!

    Maria @ Residual Income Web’s last blog post..Residual Income Goals and Plans

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Thanks for sharing from your experience. Wow, I’d love to fund even part of my snowball… or even just a water bill at this time… from a passive income stream. I appreciate the motivation and encouragement. I’ve scetched out an initial outline. Perhaps I need to set aside some time to chase after it.

      Thanks for commenting and for pushing me along!

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Hey thanks! I enjoy being at home too! I’ve spent a lot of time around the house during my downtime – I even launched this blog during that time – so I like being a home body too!

      I’ll be looking forward to you facts!

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Thanks Matt! I love the encouragement I’m getting on the passive income ideas… I need to leverage this into action!


  2. Jake on said:

    Yo, just came across your blog… Definitely will be subscribing!

    Post like these make me really want to get out of “Mayberry” and see the world haha.. if i can just conquer that fear of flying!

    Passive income is sweet! I never dreamed Internet Marketing would be this successful when I started March of ’08!

    Jake’s last blog post..It’s Friday – Golf vs Internet Marketing – Money In The Bank!

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Hey Jake, glad yoiu found us and thanks for stopping to comment. I’ll have to check out your ideas on Internet Marketing! I’m enjoying to positive energy around this topic.


  3. PT Money on said:

    Good to get to know you better, Dave. Thanks for calling me out. I will try and work the meme in soon. Congrats again on the new job.

    I’m jealous of all your domestic travel and sports viewage. I’m in a similar line of work and get to travel some domestic and a lot of foreign. Not many baseball games overseas though. I guess I need to turn in to a soccor (football) fan.

    PT Money’s last blog post..10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Money

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Thanks again PT… I’ll be looking for your facts soon.

      Yeah, the travel has been fun but it can be a grind too. I’m looking forward to a role with less travel – perhaps only once every 6 weeks or so. At that rate it’ll be a fun way to mix up the schedule rather than a weekly gauntlet.


  4. Very interesting, I am glad that I read this post & got to know you a bit better. Do you have a Twitter account or any other social media account? (If you would like to get to know me better that is!)

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