Dave Ramsey In 7 Shades

Odds are you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey by now and are probably matriculating through his Baby Steps.  Me too, I’m a fan of Dave and a fellow Baby Stepper.

I’m also a fan of another Dave – Dave Letterman – which got me thinking.  One Dave is known for his 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom and the other Dave is famous for his Top Ten lists.  So… can this Dave (me) spin a reputation by blending the best from these two significantly more famous Dave’s?  Well, probably not but that won’t stop me from trying. 

So with that, here’s my Dave Letterman inspired riff on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps – forever to be known as the 7 Shades of Dave – drum roll please Paul…

1 – Who is Dave Ramsey? – Hey, at one point didn’t we all ask this?

2 – I Hate Dave Ramsey! – Sell the car and deliver pizza, what is there to like?

3 – I just can’t make this #$@% budget work – Debt is a form of forgiving (or forgetting) math.

4 – I’m on baby step 2, but I have a question – if you listen, you’ve heard this (about a bazillion times!)

5 – But I pay the balance every month – more of us live here than we might want Dave to know about.

6 – Sold!  But I ain’t running no marathon – Becoming Debt-Free is weird enough for me!

7 – I AM Dave Ramsey – and “I’m better than I deserve”


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