Accomplish Goals By Having Them

 As we embark upon the year’s final month, it is time to lay the groundwork for 2010 while also continuing to press through to a strong finish to 2009.

In equal parts I aspire and execute to this objective by outlining my goals for the next year while the current year is still in play.  This approach forces a focused attention on a strong finish now and affords a running start tomorrow.

Previously we’ve spent time with my approach to goal setting.  I outline goals along 8 unique fronts which together help me – as I accomplish my targets – remain rounded and balanced.

My eight fields of focus include Spiritual, Financial, Career, Personal Development, Physical, Family, Social, and Household.

I also layer time horizons across each category to ensure I am able execute in the moment while maintaining an alertness in the end game.

For the upcoming year, I plan to incorporate a new facet to my experiment in self improvement – Public Accountability.

We all claim, and to varying degrees possess, an accountability to self.  If you’re reading here it is likely that yours is fairly refined.  (That’s much more a function of personal finance not being a lure for slackers than anything I’ve actually managed to accomplish in this space.)  But we can all use a motivation greater than ourselves to move us along, and a fear of public failure is often just the kick in the pants we need.

Following my 4th Quarter post back in October, a friend jokingly volunteered to help me keep my progress on pace.  If I’d share my goals, he offered to let me know when I was slipping behind.  Accountability is the characteristic he was offering and now he, and the rest of you, will have the chance to help keep me in check.

… oh my, what am I doing?!?

Here are the ground rules and game plans.  In the first article of each month I’ll outline 5 objectives for the month with each representing a unique area of focus.  Throughout the year, I’ll plan to touch upon each area at least 3-4 times.

Additionally, in each monthly goal post (except January), I’ll score the previous month’s effort and provide an updated running total on my completion percentage.

Now, I’m not going to be overly legalistic on the scoring.  If I have a March goal that isn’t accomplished until June, I’ll still update the running total even though I would have originally reported the shortfall.

Of course I will not be sharing each and every development objective I have for the year and I’m likely to sprinkle in a mix of hard and easy targets, however, during the year I’ll share and track against 60 (5/month) unique and varied deliverables and welcome your commentary, support, and prodding along the way.

…and feel free to use the comment fields to play along!

Let the games begin!

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