I guess it says something about us that even a page such as this is required.  For now, I’ll dispense with the legalese and comment concisely.  I trust that I won’t be disappointed with this decision.

I imagine there will be updates to this content periodically so you may want to revisit every now and again.


This really boils down to a clear understanding of what I am vs. what I am not and proceeding accordingly.

I am – a reasonably smart guy with good ideas who has been modestly successful in my journey thus far.  I am someone who believes in the biblical principle of “the counsel of many” who admits to offering little more than a quality opinion for your consideration.

I am not – an Attorney, CPA, licensed Financial Planner, Doctor, certified Counselor, Ordained Minister, Elected Official, or Parade Marshal.  I recommend that you take my musings to heart with a grain of salt and a dash of common sense.


I welcome your comments but let’s keep ‘em clean and productive.   Profane or mean-spirited commentary will be removed and I’ll be the sole judge on such matters.  We can disagree – I encourage the exchange of diverse ideas – but let’s do so in a productive manner.

I’ll try to maintain a PG-13-ish site so if it was on Carlin’s list then let’s keep it out of here.  I’d post a link to the list but then I’d be violating my own rule.


I do accept emails at this time and will respond as warranted.

Guest Posts

I welcome guest posts on this site but I cannot promise that all requests will be honored.  If you would like to be a guest contributor, please email me 2-3 relevant and pre-edited articles and I will make determinations from there.   Clearly identify your name and site so I can properly attribute your work.  Reciprocations are greatly appreciated but not required.

Use of my Content

I just ask that you be rational… if you want to reference a piece of work from here then go for it (a link would be nice), if you want to use one of my articles I’m not likely to say no but would prefer that you ask first and then properly attribute, if you want to claim my work as your own… well, that’s just not rational.

Rule of thumb… Common Sense

If something on this site moves you to action be it posting comments, emailing questions, ‘borrowing’ content, following advice, etc – stop, take a deep breath and engage your brain long enough to ask if you’re conforming to the rules of common sense… and if you have to ask about that, there’s a better than average chance that you’re out of bounds.