Annual Reading – Purpose Driven Life – Part 1

 I have spent time sharing some of my goals – or at least my approach to crafting my personal goals.  In this and in 2 upcoming articles I want to share more information related to one of my goals.

Specifically, I want to focus on one line item from my inventory of Spiritual Goals.

As a lead in, I want to reiterate a quote I’ve heard and probably shared multiple times before:

In five years from now you’ll be the same person you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.’

I find that an interesting and compelling statement.  Too many folks believe that their learning and development ends when their formal schooling comes to a close.  I suspect there are few of these types in my audience – surfing Personal Finance oriented blogs isn’t a likely landing spot for those not inclined to growth – but you know the sort.

This is off topic, but yields more insight into whom I am – I know that I’ve changed and evolved through relationships I’ve fostered and books I’ve consumed.  In fact, I credit my podcast listening – a hybrid between reading and meeting people if you will – for some impactful developments.  The name of this site and some of its content stand as prime examples.

Ok, back to my topic…  Each year – and I’m two years into this program, I try reading “The Purpose Driven Life”, by Rick Warren.  I have found this to be a compelling exercise and one that has contributed to my spiritual growth.

The construct of the book is 40 chapters to be read one each per day for 40 days.  40 is a unique number in the bible – for example, 40 days and 40 nights of rain proved Noah both a genius and valued child of God.  So the 40 days approach is both valid and habit forming.

As I read through the book the first time, after reading each chapter.  I turned to the back cover and scrawled a line of two that encapsulated the chapter for me.  It represented my fresh response to the material covered and I want to take time to share those raw notes with you.

I’ll start today with only a handful of notations.  If you enjoy what you see, then I encourage you to pick up a copy and step through this process as well.  If you’re merely intrigued, then stick with me through the next editions in this 3 part series and see where you land.  In either case, I encourage you to comment and share your thoughts.

If you don’t like this topic, bear with me… and also please let me know.

Ok, here goes… my musings for Days 1-10

Day 1  God is the source of life – all things are created by His design and for His purpose.  We find our purpose through Him alone

Day 2  Our presence in this world, down its historical timing and the nature of our being, is ordained by God, as such, we must be part of a plan

Day 3  Life is a journey but without the appropriate drive, it will either be in circles or in the wrong direction.  Drive inspired by God will deliver us along a path and to a destination for which we are designed.

Day 4  This life is just a prelude to God’s plan for us in eternity – striving to properly align this life with the next will provide purpose in the now and reward in the next.

Day 5  This life is our proving ground – ever present tests are designed to challenge and grow our character – Be Alert – and gifts are entrusted to us to measure our stewardship and faithfulness – Be Responsible.

Day 6  This life is not the objective, life on earth is only temporary and earth is not our home.

Day 7  Everyone lives for the glory for God, and as God demands our glory, He must reveal our purpose.

Day 8  God chose to create us for His pleasure… we deliver by living each day and performing each task or activity as an act of worship.

Day 9  God is pleased when we demonstrate our trust in His plan or direction

 Day 10   God requires our total surrender, from this foundation He builds His purpose into our lives.

 Thanks for reading along and please feel free to provide your thoughts below.