Annual Reading – Purpose Driven Life – Part 2

 Recently I started sharing with you my notes or thoughts from my first time reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”.  I’ve appreciated the response I’ve received and am pleased to continue forward with this series.

However, before we get to today’s installment, I promised a Dustin over at Engaged Marriage that I’d share a little about how I became motivated to read this book.  When it was released I mentally registered it as a “one day” read, but an episode in metro Atlanta pushed this book up my list.  It still took me some time before actually sitting down to read through it, but I recall this story as being a crystallizing moment in my decision making process.

In 2005 a killer was loose on the streets of Atlanta.  He had escaped and fled an Atlanta courthouse, killing at least 4 people in the process.  Randomly, he kidnapped a local woman and held her hostage in her apartment.  At the time of the ordeal, the woman was reading Purpose and over the ensuing hours she shared from her experiences and faith.  She held to her faith that God was doing a work in her life and that this event was not random at all, but part of a larger plan.  She escaped with no harm, and the assailant was captured but lives were changed.  Click here for more from this remarkable story.

Also, the principle in this episode, Ashley Smith has her own book about the incident entitled Unlikely Angel.  I have not read this one, but I wanted to share it just the same.


Today, I’ll pick up today with my notes for Days 11 – 25.

Day 11 God wants our friendship and like any friendship, it must be based on availability and communication – prayer allows us to talk to God but meditation allows God to talk with us.

 Day 12 We are responsible for the level of intimacy in our relationship with God.  As we seek Him out and demonstrate our faith and trust, God will draw us near.

 Day 13 God wants our genuine displays of worship – these should be unique to our personalities but no less honest and heartfelt.

 Day 14 Part of our spiritual training is the enduring of times when God seems distant.  As with any relationship, distance can test our devotion and faithfulness.  However, know that God is not really far but simply withdrawn, quietly observing.

 Day 15 As believers we are called into God’s family – a tremendous blessing and responsibility.

 Day 16 Love is our purpose and should be our legacy – God is love, so too should we aspire to be…

 Day 17 We are called into membership, to be part of Christ’s body requires that we embrace His church, it is where we belong and where we will grow.

 Day 18 Small group Fellowship within God’s family is important to our own journey, as well as, to our contribution to God’s family.

 Day 19 God expects us to build and foster a community within our church or group.  It is within this community that we are held accountable, as well as, responsible to hold others accountable.

 Day 20 It is not only our responsibility to maintain our relationships but to actively seek out and restore relationships that have gone astray.

 Day 21 God also calls us to protect the church – this requires our maturity to maintain peace but also the ability and willingness to reconcile when issues arise.

 Day 22 God created us to become Christ-like – this is our objective.  To accomplish this we must act in faith while allowing the Holy Spirit to act in us.

Day 23 It is God’s plan for us to grow to be more and more Christ-like, to affect this change, it is important that we alter our way of thinking

Day 24 God asks us to study and invest ourselves in His word – the Bible – through study and meditation of God’s word we are transformed and our lives will change.

 Day 25 God also intends for us to grow our character into a more Christ-like image.

 If you’re interested in stepping through this book yourself, click “Purpose Driven Life” to purchase your copy at Amazon.