Annual Reading – Purpose Driven Life – Part 3

Lately I’ve been sharing my notes or thoughts from my first time reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”.

Previously I shared Days 1-10 and Days 11-25.  Today I’ll conclude the series with my notes for Days 26 – 40.

 Day 26 Temptations arise as a means of trying to drive a wedge between us and God.  They should be viewed as testaments of our relationship with God and as opportunities to grow that relationship by leaning on our need for God’s help.

Day 27 Filling our heads and minds with God’s word will help us resist temptations; never will God allow us to be tempted by more than we can bear.

Day 28 God’s work in us takes time, we must steep in our experiences and incremental growth in order to achieve the maturity He has in store for us.

Day 29 Being of service to God and His people is our divine assignment.

Day 30 God has endowed each of us with Spiritual gifts and specific/unique “Passions of the Heart” which we should use to guide and direct our lives.  The internal motivations and passions are the guide posts that direct us along the path God has designed for us.

Day 31 We are each shaped by our abilities, personality traits, and experiences – this shaping further customizes us for the purposes God has planned for us.

Day 32 Just as God has endowed us with specific skills and talents, He expects us to exercise and develop those talents in our service to Him.

Day 33 God has shaped us for the service of His people but service to the Lord s more about the attitude and spirit we take to the service than the actions themselves.

Day 34 To effectively serve God we must embrace the role of being a servant, we must sacrifice our ourselves, we must lose our lives in the service of others.

Day 35 Just as God has planned and prepared our strengths, He too has preordained our weaknesses and flaws… God also expects us to use our weaknesses for His glory.

Day 36 All that we have from God and all that He has done in us is to prepare us for His mission – our mission is to lead others to Christ partnering with Him for Him.

Day 37 To carry out our mission we must prepare our message… how has God blessed us and how has our relationship with God improved us… now, how can I share it?

Day 38 The Great Commission is our Commission, we need to ask God where He wants us to execute our purpose… our mission.

Day 39 Our purpose is multi-faceted and requires effort to ensure a proper balance.  Logging our struggles and successes ensures balance, as well as, accountability and the teaching of others.

Day 40 Without a purpose we are merely existing… we should challenge ourselves to document, study, and refine our purpose with the goal of glorifying God in and with our lives.

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