Some Answers Are Obvious

 Recently a Russian man died on stage after competing and winning a pancake eating contest.  A witness said of the contestant “He had really enjoyed the pancakes but then he started foaming at the mouth and went down like a sack of stones.”

Initial reports indicated that the exact cause of death is not clear.

Now, I’m with Colin Cowherd (where I initially heard this story) on this one …uh, the cause of death may have had something to do with the 42 pancakes he just wolfed down.  You think?

Sometimes the answers to our biggest problems are right in front of us.

Show me a fat person who won’t give up their pint-of-ice-cream-a-day habit and I’ll show you someone not really interested in losing weight.  Show me a broke person who won’t address their reckless credit card spending and I’ll show you someone who will continue their hopeless financial struggles.

Cause/Effect is a scientific principle for a reason.  GIGO is a computer programmer’s credo for a reason.

This is not to say that we’re bad people or that we’re hopelessly lost.  We’re all human and unless our poor behavior is given to dangerous extremes – 42 pancakes?!? – our flaws can test our mettle while providing an obvious path to improvement.

What is the most significant obstacle or area in need of improvement in your life today?  Are you doing more to reinforce this status or to attack it? 

In war, the surest way to defeat an enemy is to sever their supply lines.  What structures or habits do you have in place that support your deficiency and how can they be re-tasked to help you overcome this deficiency?

One step back and two steps forward or addition by subtraction may be just the clichés you need.  Take stock of your weakness and assess how you support this weakness.  Then deconstruct this infrastructure and replace it with new more productive patterns and habits. 

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