Authorize Yourself

  Who would have imagined it, but C&C Music Factory  Snap may have said it best…. “I’ve got the power“.  That’s an important and significant statement.  You do have the power and you should not be afraid to use it.  However, many of the masses fail to grasp or act on this reality.  These folks seek approval or permission to step up and seize the reigns over their situations.

On a recent episode of a national radio program a caller sought advice on eliminating a $10,000 debt repayment to the IRS.  With a household income in excess of six digits, she wanted to shed the shackle of a long term monthly payment.  That she could simply pay more each month had, seemingly, not entered her mind?  With the numbers she easily reported, she could eliminate the entire burden in 3-4 short months yet she required direction and permission from a stranger on the radio for this otherwise obvious advice. 

In another, not so recent, installment a caller doubted their own ability to play an active role in their own life.  “Can I do that?” was the response to the suggestion that she sell some extra furniture for which she was both making payments and serving monthly storage fees because there was no room in her home for the furniture.  I wonder to whom she felt obligated prior to being introduced to a classic “2 birds, 1 stone” solution?

In both instances the action steps were so apparent as a listener that it was easy to question how those calls ever made it to the air.  Yet such a public forum was required to help the callers recognize the transparency of the matter staring them in the face.

And that, I feel, is the true lesson of the calls – the real reason those calls were allowed to hit the airwaves.  Neither caller was a true moron.  However, each had become blinded by their own circumstances.  I’d wager that either caller could have easily prescribed an appropriate solution for their counterpart, yet neither was able to make or authorize the same or similar recommendation for their own situation.  Both callers were handcuffed by their situations and left with feelings of helplessness.

But knowledge is power and both could have benefited by being more continually aware of their situation.  If it is easy to wake up under a mountain of debt or fat or other untenable situation for lack of paying attention, then it is nearly impossible to achieve similar negative results when our focus is properly applied.

So wake up before being awoke, learn rather than ignore, and exercise authority over your situation rather than cowering behind the magnified details of it all.  You do have the power.

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