Baby Step Seven – Save, Invest, and Get Rich

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Welcome back to my continuing break down of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.  These are the steps he teaches in his books, and radio and TV shows to millions willing to listen and follow his advice.

I personally find these steps simple and easy to follow but also elegant and effective.

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Today, we’ll examine Baby Step Seven.

Baby Step 7 – Save, Invest, and Get Rich

It’s still early.  The sun is barely denting the dark sky.  My wife is sound asleep and so too are the kids.  There is a stillness in the early morning that calls out to me.  Quietly I steal out of bed so as to not disturb and I make my way to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee.  Caressing the warm mug, I step out onto the deck and have a seat.  In this calm moment I bask in my accomplishment.  Humble steps in my past have strung together to form a perfect now.  I own this home outright, a growing balance is set aside for my children’s education and what was previously a 6 month emergency fund swelled to well over 12 when the mortgage payment went away.  Sure, I still have wants… that new Harley would look fine in my garage and that trip to Italy may have been put off for long enough.  But those are just checks I can write when the mood strikes strong enough.  For now though, I’m content enough to sip my coffee, reveling in the notion that I am winning.  I have done something good for my family and damn it just feels good.

Ok, so I’m no master fiction writer, but the scene is one for which I long.  And even better, I believe that it exists within my future.

Once the house is paid for and you’ve already been contributing to retirement and college educations, you have the opportunity to amass great wealth simply by continuing to make wise decisions with what now amounts to a significant flow of fully discretional cash.

Your current income CAN make you wealthy!

What’s interesting is that when you start the Baby Steps your mind almost will not allow you to consider this kind of future.  It’s so foreign to our normal that is seems impossible.  But with each new step you’re carried closer and closer to an abundant life.

A life once well outside your reach, exists only Seven Baby Steps away.


Many other skilled and talented writers have dedicated time to dissecting Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and I want to share their work for your review as well.  While I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed my treatment of the material, I’m confident you’ll expand your understanding and insights by spending time with the interpretations of others.

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