Help Me Celebrate!

 Just the other day I received an email that I want to share with you.  CESI Debt Solutions included one of my early articles – Debt is Squalor – in their Best 101 Debt Busting Posts of 2009 round-up!

Specifically they said: 

Just a quick note to let you know that we included you in The Best 101
Debt Busting Posts of 2009 (from 101 Frugal Bloggers)

Those images you chose – gah! They were CHILLING!

Will you help us spread the word about our roundup?


Hey, I get that this is something of a marketing ploy on their part, but there was a selection process and I made the cut.  Besides, metaphorically, don’t all girls like to be called pretty?!?

Well of course, and therefore, I’m very pleased to be selected and plan to spend some time checking out the other entries.  I hope you’ll click over and do so as well.  Tell them I sent you!

Keeping with the festive motif, I also want to invite you to check out the Money Crashers 2010 GiveAway Bash!  I understand that nearly $8000 in prices are available to those that register.  Give it a look and perhaps win a prize!  Hey, tell’em I sent you there too!  It never hurts to get a little credit every now and again.

Meanwhile – as always – thanks to you for your continued support!