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**Please note** 

My name is Dave Ozment, not Dave Ramsey.  I am a HUGE fan of Dave Ramsey and his work.  I’m so much a fan of his work that I named my blog as a sort of tribute.  If you are contacting me for financial advice, I’ll be more than glad to give you an honest and considered response – see examples of my advice here and here.

If you stumbled onto this site seeking to contact Dave Ramsey.  You’ll want to reach him at the address he promotes on his radio show:  DaveOnAir@DaveRamsey.com

A note of encouragement… even if you are looking for Dave Ramsey and landed here by mistake,  here are 3 reasons to give me a try IN ADDITION to contacting Ramsey. 

1)   Multiple points of reference are always better – provided they are quality sources

2)  My advice is likely to mirror’s Ramsey’s as I’m already such a fan of his work

3)  Accessibility, you will hear back from me but the masses may impair your ability to reach Dave Ramsey

If you’re here intentionally… GREAT!  I welcome your contact and here’s an example of why I’m being so fussy over the issue of clarity.


Dave Ozment