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There are just somethings that standout to us.  Perhaps it’s their form or perhaps their function and on rare occasions it may be a blend of both.  Sometimes these may make our lives easier and more enjoyable at others.  Here’s a list of things that I particularly enjoy.  Some are large and significant and others small and seemingly trivial but each represent something I enjoy.

Yes, this will be a dynamic list for me… and I hope for you too.  I’ll try to update this as new ideas pop into my head and I really look forward to the ideas that you share with me and our fellow readers.

Things that I enjoy (in no particular order)

·         Tivo – the greatest invention since the TV… I can watch TV on my time and nothing beats a 3-4 episode mini-marathon of your favorite show on a cold or raining weekend evening… even better, our Tivo has a writable DVD functionality which has allowed me to create a pretty impressive 200+ title movie library!

TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder



·         iPod – where for art thou my iPod

        Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB Silver (2nd Generation)

·         Auto Draft functionality – Of course you already have your paychecks direct deposited, right!?!  In addition to this way too obvious application, I enjoy the automation associated with being able to set up my monthly expenses – mortgage payments, utility bills, Cell Phone bills, Home Alarm System, etc – for automatic payment.  This streamlines the bill paying process, ensures timely payment, and standardizes the largest components of my monthly budget.  However, DO NOT allow credit cards or other unsecured loan vendors access to your accounts – your utility company is a family pet compared to the wild dog persona of a credit card debt collector.

·         Web-based Banking – When coupled with the Auto Draft functionality this feature allows you to view and control your entire financial operating system from a single seat at any time.  For those on a budget and actually paying attention to their cash flow this is a must – personal checking accounts, automated bill pays, high interest savings accounts… simply put, budget nerd nirvana.

·         NetFlix – I love movies, always have but I always thought there was something sad about walking into a movie rental outlet as a single guy on a Friday or Saturday evening.  I’m married now but the lingering image is only made worse by the pimply and poorly behaved ‘gamers’ that have now taken up residence in the movie rental stores.  Netflix on the other hand will ship a brand new movie right to my door and allow me to keep it as long as I want while offering a range of pricing options to fit even the most frugal of budgets.  Sold!

·         Humidor – as a fan of the occasional cigar – we’re talking less than 1 a month on average – I enjoy having a ready selection perfectly preserved in an attractive Cherry Wood Box

in my office.  It looks so regal sitting on my bookshelf that I’ll keep the box even when I kick the habit.


·         1997 Harley Davidson Fatboy – no doubt this is a very personal selection.  Not everyone will appreciate this listing and in reality, that’s part of what makes it so great.  Nothing matches the lure of the open road and nothing perfects the experience more than sitting astride the right steed.  I bought this bike used so I can’t speak to the specifics, but the power plant has been modified which makes the animal quite responsive to a flick of the wrist.  The wide stance, solid billet front wheel, black paint, gleaming chrome, and loud roar from the custom pipes complete the experience.  If you have to ask, I’m sorry, but you just won’t understand.

·         Gardening – How’s that for a transition – tough biker to gentile gardener… no, I’m not as vanilla as I sometimes appear.  For several years now I’ve maintained a small garden – a couple tomato plants, a couple bell pepper plants, and a handful of jalapeno pepper plants.  Nothing over the top but with my wife’s herb garden it makes for some of the freshest ingredients going for a lazy weekend morning omelet… now if I can just keep the deer out of the garden

·         Digital Camera – Several years ago my wife and planned a trip to Hawaii.  It was to be a special, once in a lifetime trip – more so than my wife originally expected as we became engaged while away on the islands – so what better way to capture the memories than a new digital camera.  Ours is a simple Sony Cybershot

but it is easy to use and has allowed us to capture and share so many more memories than we ever would with the old traditional cameras.


·     Books – Sure, there are books I enjoy more than others but as a concept, I love books.  I can – and have – gone into a bookstore with only a single item in mind and walked out with an armful of product.  In this way, bookstores represent a unique weakness to me.  In today’s microwaved society there’s a sense of accomplishment in making one’s way through 200, 300, 400 pages of text to learn or experience something new.

·         Quinton Club-Track Treadmill – Some years ago I bought a cheap collapsible treadmill.  While I enjoyed the at-home and weather independent functionality it quickly broke down and in the end was worth about what I paid for it, which is to say not much, in a relative way.  Later I found a shop that refurbished high quality gym equipment and here I found a like-new unit that brand new would run approximately $5k for less than half that.  It has performed reliably for over 7 years with barely a hiccup… in fact, I think its calling me for today’s run.

·         Weights – I bet I have the most rickety weight set-up around.  I have a single barbell with some old plates – they were well used when my dad bought them for me in the mid ‘80s from a health club replacing their old equipment –perched on brick-o-blocks in our basement.  While it is nothing to look at, it allows me to get in a few reps of military presses and curls a couples times a week.

·         Weber Grill – I think I’m on my second or third Weber Grill… the iconic black spherically shaped grill, that’s the one.  You just can’t go wrong here.

·         Retractable Extension Cord – this is pure function and form… this rascal hangs from the ceiling in my garage and houses about 30ft of easy to store, access, use, and put away Extension Cordpower.  I’m sure this is just a guy thing so I’m not going to fight it, I’ll just use it to help keep my garage in order

·         Reel Mower – I think I was green before green was cool.  When I purchased my first home in 2001 I knew that I’d only have a small patch of grass to maintain.  Too small for the hassle of a motorized mower with its gas, oil, and blade sharpening requirements.  No, the Reel Moweron the top shelf of the hardware store was just what the doctor ordered.  Of course they are now featured products at Home Depot and Lowes and the curious stares I once received while mowing have been replaced by knowing nods from my fellow reel mowers in the neighborhood.

Things I think I might enjoy – provide your comments if you’ve interacted with these products

·         Roomba – the idea of robot doing the vacuuming is nirvana

·         Big Screen HD TV – this one requires no explanation – hopefully by next football season this baby will be in place

·         Blackberry– hmm, I’ve held out on this addictive little tether and I think that’s been the right decision, but…

·         Elliptical Machine– a cardio workout with less impact on the knees, you are in my future

·         Recumant Bike– the freedom to do a moderate workout while also reading, where’s the downside?

What are your favorite products?  Please tell us what you enjoy or comment on my list.

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