Dukan Diet Redux Week 1

Monday – April 30
Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, 4 egg fritatas, coffee
Lunch – 2 chicken breasts with yogurt and water
Dinner – Salmon cakes (made without breading), yogurt, spoon of peanut butter and water
Stepped back on the scale… after a long time.  Truth is I gained back 10 lbs which put me back at 235.  Still down from 255.5 but up from my recent low of 225.  I’ve already stepped through this in more detail so I’ll let that be.
I did workout today.  Its the 3rd day in a row I’ve worked out so that’s nice.  I’m not setting the world on fire but carving time to spend on the treadmill is a good start.  I can add intensity once the habit or pattern has legs.
Tuesday – May 1
Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, 4 egg fritatas, coffee
Lunch – Salmon cake leftovers, salad, yogurt, peanut butter and water
Dinner – Turkey meat loaf, water and yogurt
Workout again today.  More time on the treadmill with some weight lifting.
Wednesday – May 2
Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, 4 egg fritatas, coffee
Lunch – Turkey leftovers meat loaf, water and yogurt
Dinner – 2 Grilled pork chops, water, yogurt, spoon of peanut butter
Skipped the workout today… easy to hit the snooze and then later regret having done so.
Also, had some bread prior to dinner.  My timing here is off…. I bought my wife a bread maker which is great, except I’m back to trying to manage down my carbs.  We’ll see how this plays our but she did make whole wheat bread so the few bites I enjoyed could have been worse.  I did ask that she let me know when she makes some cinnamon raison bread… that will be a big carb day.
Thursday – May 3
Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, 4 egg fritatas, coffee
Lunch – 1 grilled pork chop with part of a tomato, yogurt and water
Dinner – 3 turkey burgers with onions and 2 roasted tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, yogurt, and water
Worked out again this morning.  Didn’t get up quite as early as I did Mon and Tues… so my workout was shorter, but it did happen.
Friday, May 4
Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, 4 egg fritatas, coffee
Lunch – chicken salad, yogurt, sting cheese, and water
Dinner –
Skipped the workout again today.  3 out of 5 mornings is a good start.  We’ll try to bump that up next week.
Saturday, May 5
Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, Omelette, Coffee
Lunch – Protein Smoothie
Dinner – Fajita, salsa, chips, beans and rice…..
Cinco De Miyo…. and we celebrated with some great Mexican food from our favorite local joint. I started out fine. I had a fajita without the wrap but then dug into the chips and beans and rice and salsa with both feet. Mmm, good… and a sound violation of my diet. That’s cool, we’ll get back on track and make up for this day… but that said, it’s been a good week. Read on.
This morning I worked out and also worked in the yard.  This was a good calorie burning morning.  But before getting started, I stepped on the scale to see exactly how the week had treated me.  To my surprise, I had dropped 5 pounds.  I was now back to 230 which was down from 235 only Monday.  I think this demonstrates my statement previously that I felt like the last 5 pounds had been packed on in a rash of pizzas and soft drinks just prior to my buckling back down.  Seems that they went as fast as they came.


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.

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