Dukan Diet Week 11


Week 11 – Cruise Phase

In the report we add a delightful new breakfast offering and enjoy a nice steak for the first time in a while.  I also have a big day at the scales.

Monday, September 26, Day 71

Breakfast – Miniature egg and sausage frittatas, theses were prepared in a muffin pan so they were pretty small.  I think I had 4 of them with a cup of coffee

Lunch – A few thin slices of left over pot roast and 2 fish fillets with a yogurt

Dinner – Pork chops and yogurt for dessert

I exercised this morning.  Not a whole lot but some “floor exercises” and I walked about 1.5 miles.  I’m not setting any records here but trying to ease back into an early morning workout routine.  The power is in the gradual here… and the amped up intensity over time.  I’ll literally walk before I run on this front.

My scale is in my basement bathroom.  I moved it here so it would be easy to weigh when I’m working out but not so easy as to prompt me to weigh every day.  Knowing that I’ve been breaking the diet lately, I elected not to weigh this morning.  I’ll have to step on before long, but would prefer to see some positive results so I’ll probably wait until later in the week after I’ve had a couple more ‘good’ days.

That said, it’s not like I’ve packed on any weight, instead it’s more like I’ve maintained.  That’s not bad because the end goal once I’ve dropped all my weight is to maintain.  However, I’m still in the dropping phase so maintaining is not currently an exciting outcome.  Hopefully the workouts will nudge me in the right direction.


Tuesday, September 27, Day 72

Breakfast – Dukan pancake with 2 left over mini frittatas from yesterday and coffee

Lunch – Tuna fish lettuce wraps with tomatoes and red onion, and a yogurt

Dinner – We had left over Minestrone soup from Sunday and a yogurt

I missed my workout this morning but that wasn’t entirely unexpected.  Monday nights I record my football podcast and when I stay up to edit and post it, it makes for a long night.  I guess it was 1am before I was in bed last night so a 5am workout was not in the cards.


Wednesday, September 28, Day 73

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, 5 mini frittatas and coffee

Lunch – 2 hamburger patties and a small piece of salmon, yogurt

Dinner – 2 Pork chops, yogurt


It’s unofficial because I’ve avoided the scales for the last several days but I ‘feel’ like I may have gain some weight late last week and over the weekend and today it ‘feels’ like I’ve dropped it.  In all likelihood it’s water weight as retaining a pound of water has to be easier than adding a pound of fat.  And even though I’ve strayed from the diet last week, I did so only mildly and even then while still following some key principles – BBQ but no bread or desserts; chicken parm but no pasta, cocktails….. well, ok Coke mixers.  But the broader point remains.  It’s much more likely that I retained water than added fat but even that only lasted a couple days.  I’ll have to revisit the scale to see the true story.


Thursday, September 29, Day 74

Breakfast – 4 or 5 mini frittatas and coffee

Lunch – Salmon and unsweet tea

Dinner – Salad, Filet with a small serving of green beans…. And a couple cocktails

I traveled out of town for business this morning, and early trip to the airport so breakfast was in the car.  We stopped for lunch prior to our meetings and I skipped the BBQ sandwiches, fries, and nachos – which all looked great – in favor of a boring but compliant salmon filet.

Dinner was good but something of a disappointment.  Ever since starting this diet, well, really the diet has nothing to do with it.  I love a really good steak and dinner out on the company dime at a Texas restaurant with a prime steak menu was a dream.  Now don’t get me wrong, the steak was good but it was over cooked for my taste and kinda fell flat relative to my expectations.

I also had 2 cocktails with dinner and another at a bar we wandered into after dinner hoping to catch a little football on TV.  Nothing rowdy but 3 Coke mixers added significantly to an otherwise low carb count.


Friday, September 30, Day 75

Breakfast – Omelet and coffee

Lunch – Protein shake

Dinner – Chicken fingers

Traveled home today and one thing is for certain.  Carbs dominate airport cuisine but once you’re on the plane, there are almost no food options… ironically though, they are all carb heavy too.  Not to worry, I scored a free breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed a piping hot omelet which allowed me to avoid the fast food breakfast sandwiches.

The timing of my travels limited my opportunity for lunch but that was fine.  It really is true that protein sits in your stomach longer so I never really felt hungry until much later in the day.

Dinner was a treat.  My wife – have I mentioned how awesome and supporting she’s being? – found another great recipe from the Dukan book and made oat meal breaded chicken fingers.  It’s the same oat meal that Dukan recommends just used as breading for the chicken rather than as pancake mix.  She added some pepper for flavor and it was great.  They were also baked so the calorie, fat, and carb count next to a standard order from Zaxby’s had to be miniscule but the taste and flavor was not off by nearly so much.  Score another keeper recipe.


Saturday, October 1, Day 76

Breakfast – protein shake and yogurt

Lunch – Protein “milkshake”; 3 turkey burger patties

Dinner – Bean-less Chili

I wandered down to the basement this morning for a weigh-in for the week.  I was a little concerned as I’ve only managed to hold steady for 2 weeks and I know those cocktails might surface for revenge.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d dropped another 3 whole pounds.  That put me at 235 with 20.5 total pounds lost so far.  235 is a weight I’ve not seen in a long time and passing 20 represented a huge milestone… 20 freak’n pounds.

For all the self-doubt that had crept in – I’ll be the first to admit that I’m human – and second guessing around my ability to sustain this thing, seeing 3 full pounds drop was a rewarding site.  That it came on the heels of a business trip in which I made wise decisions in the face of easy opportunity for bad decisions only serves to reinforce that I’m doing well.

I promised my wife a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant once I’d lost 25 pounds.  That felt like a long way off just last week, but now it seems very doable.  I look forward to the reward… and the reward.


Sunday, October 2, Day 77

Breakfast – Omelet and coffee

Lunch – Protein shake, diet Dr. Pepper in the later afternoon

Dinner – Steak and Shrimp

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