Dukan Diet Week 13

 Week 13 – Cruise Phase

In this report I survive 2 full day training sessions and a team dinner, along with a visit to the scales.  We also hit the ‘taste of town’ and find a new BBQ joint.

Monday, October 10, Day 85

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and coffee

Lunch – Salmon fillets, yogurt

Dinner – Roast and a yogurt

A teammate came back from a week and London and brought everyone a piece of English chocolate.  Yes, it was spectacular and a program violation.  Oh well, it happens but it is also an exception over the last several weeks.


Tuesday, October 11, Day 86

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, mini frittatas

Lunch – Salad

Dinner – Minestrone soup and yogurt

All day training session today which means catered breakfast and lunch spreads.  The trainer also provided everyone with a personal bowl of candy.  Great!  I managed to do pretty well.  I avoided their breakfast as I’d already eaten and went with the salad rather than sandwiches.  I also managed to avoid the candy altogether.  I’ll take that as a win.


Wednesday, October 12, Day 87

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, mini frittatas

Lunch – Roast beef pulled from a deli sandwich, yogurt

Dinner – Fillet and a couple too many cocktails

Another all day training session which means another round of sandwiches, muffins, cookies, brownies, and soft drinks all endless and within easy reach.  I did pretty well again, eating roast beef from 2 half sandwiches and a small salad.

The team dinner was a challenge as well.  We went to a steakhouse so the entre was easy but the platter of hit apps looked like a smorgasbord of carbs – quesadillas, wings, calamari, crab fritters, breads, etc.  It all looked great but I did avoid them all.  I also skipped out on dessert but did have a couple cocktails.


Thursday, October 13, Day 88

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, mini frittatas

Lunch – grilled chicken, yogurt

Dinner – Porkchops, yogurt

I think the last week or so is catching up with me.  I’ve avoided the scales but I feel heavier.  I know I haven’t gained much, the train is still on the track, but the progress has stalled and I’ve probably added a point or two.  Hopefully it’s all water and will quickly pass.


Friday, October 14, Day 89

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, mini frittatas

Lunch – Turkey lunchmeat, leftover pork chop, yogurt

Dinner – Grilled chicken, yogurt


Saturday, October 15, Day 90

Breakfast – Dukan pancake

Lunch – Pork BBQ, Protein Milkshake – and fares from taste of Acworth – see more below

Dinner – Hamburger patty

With some hesitation I hit the scales again.  I’ve been having some hesitation because I’ve felt a little heavier and I know I’ve violated the program a couple times.  But I was pleased to find that I’d dropped another pound and a half.  Now, I wish it was twice that, but given how I’ve felt the last week I’m pleased to see a smaller number and a number that now puts me at 22 pounds lost from the start.

Today we went to a local ‘taste of town’ event in which all the local restaurants set up booths and allow you to sample small portions at decent prices.  It’s something we’ve wanted to do for the last several years but ironically this is the year we decided to give it a ride.  We only sampled from 3 places which was some discipline on all fronts.  We tried a new local BBQ place that is now our new local favorite.  We also tried a beef cabob from a place we’ve never seen, and finally a small beef tenderloin from a local place we’ve only visited for brunch – another great selection.

We avoided our favorite local Mexican restaurant – my treat for hitting 25 pounds in a couple weeks – several dessert focused places (which would have been must haves), beers which were handy and well-priced, and several other stands with good looking high calorie counts.  So in the end, we saw more good food than we ate which allowed us to save calories and dollars.

For the record, the BBQ was so good that we stopped by their permanent location to pick up more to enjoy that afternoon for lunch while watching some college football. 

Turned out to be a pretty good day.


Sunday, October 16, Day 91

Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, Omelet, protein shake

Lunch – Leftover BBQ… probably ¼ pound

Dinner – grilled chicken


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

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