Dukan Diet Week 14

 Week 14 – Cruise Phase

In this report another business trip with all day meetings and all day food options.  I fall hard for a donut.

Monday, October 17, Day 92

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, frittatas and coffee

Lunch – Chicken salad and yogurt

Dinner – 2 Salmon fillets


Tuesday, October 18, Day 93

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, frittatas and coffee

Lunch – none

Dinner – 10 oz Fillet with green beans and a margarita

Left this morning for a business trip… 3 days of team dinners and catered lunches, some of the best pitfalls for those trying to manage their diets.

My flight landed on time but colleagues landed late so this limited my time for lunch prior to my client meetings.   One meal missed along with the attending risks.

Our team dinner was at a steak house of sorts so that was pretty easy.  I enjoyed a large fillet – still not quite perfectly prepared but still good – with green beans – the least offensive side item.   I did enjoy a margarita, so that was a violation – notice a theme in my violations?  I will note that it was not  a syrupy sweet and fruity drink but make no mistake, it was not Dukan approved.


Wednesday, October 19, Day 94

Breakfast – Trail mix and coffee

Lunch – Roast beef and sliced turkey from catered sandwiches; trail mix and diet coke

Dinner – Chicken and steak fajitas, without the tortilla

All day meetings… sweet rolls provided for breakfast with cookies and soft drinks available all day.  I snacked on trail mix in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Snacking is more habit in these types of meetings and while I was not able to break the habit, I did manage to make a better set of decisions.   However, when looking though the Dukan lense, I need to come clean.  The trail mix had 12 grams of carbs each and about 40 mg of sodium.  That’s a lot of carbs relative to what I’ve been eating and the high sodium will cause me to retain water over the next couple of days, which may impact my next weigh in.

Dinner was a Mexican restaurant, so the immediate pitfall was chips and salsa.  I avoided this and ordered a nice combo fajita.  I ate only the ‘contents’ without the tortilla wrap.  It was a reasonable compromise so I was pleased with my decisions.  I accompanied it with an unsweet tea so really no harm done outside the trail mix… and if that’s the worst thing I eat in a given day then I’m doing ok.


Thursday, October 20, Day 95

Breakfast – Donut and coffee…

Lunch – Small salad and diet coke

Dinner – none to speak of due to arriving home late from my flight

Day two of our all day meetings and the room was filled with the aroma of fresh doughnuts.  Ah, come on, really!?!  The grocery store sweet rolls were easy to skip but fresh doughnuts from the local renowned bakery was too much to avoid so I broke down and had one.  I wanted another and then another but stopped with one.

Lunch was pasta so I opted to have only the small salad and avoided the cookie platter too.

On the drive back to the airport we stopped at a local store one of our colleagues had visited on a previous trip.  This place made and sold beef jerky.  I know this can be a good low carb snack and it came highly recommended so I gave it a go and bought a 1lb bag.


Friday, October 21, Day 96

Breakfast – Two pieces of beef jerky, coffee – breakfast of champions… but I’ll explain

Lunch – none

Dinner – Meat loaf, yogurt and protein shake… I over did it in response to not having eaten all day.

Monday evening a realized my car was making a new sound… great.  I assumed it was a belt based on the squeaky sound and decided to take it to a shop for a quick repair… how long could this take?

Funny you ask… 2 repair shops, 3 phone calls, and 5+ hours in a smelly waiting room later my car is still not fixed but I’m getting a ride home and will let them keep the car over the weekend.  Why I didn’t request a ride home from the start is a dumb question in hindsight but the way it unfolded would have never suggested the delays.   Lesson learned 1, Dave 0.

When I arrived in Tuscaloosa I enjoyed a couple cocktails and beef jerky.  Stuff goes with anything!

Oh yeah, I’m forgetting the best part.  I weighed this morning and dropped 2.5 pounds.  I was surprised to see this given my recent travels and transgressions.  This puts me at 24.5 for the diet and only half a pound from our planned reward trip to our local favorite Mexican joint.  Awesome and easy, that’s how I’m describing this experience.


Saturday, October 22, Day 97

Breakfast – beef jerky

Lunch – BBQ

Dinner – BBQ

Yeah, a good protein based day.  Perfect for football watching.  I had a large… make that jumbo soft drink at the stadium and a cocktail later in the night, but mostly a good protein day.


Sunday, October 23, Day 98

Breakfast – 3 eggs, bacon (technically against the Dukan rules), and a slice of whole grain toast – a fair proxy for the Dukan pancake I’m thinking.

Lunch – Carb and Sugar Free Rock Star soda and a Cappuccino.   Yeah, I’m hopped up.  Too much beef jerky.

Dinner – Turkey patty and yogurt.

Driving back to Atlanta so ‘eating’ in the car.  I limited myself to drinks – as opposed to fast food – and I chose sugar free items.

Ok, enough with the beef jerky.  In quantities more than a couple pieces, I get a low grade heartburn and upset stomach.  Nothing bad but “jerky burps” are reason enough to be done.


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.

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