Dukan Diet Week 16

 Week 16 – Cruise Phase

In this report I get treated and tricked by Halloween.  What a horrible holiday, one that forces you to have massive amounts of candy in the house.

Monday, October 31, Day 106

Breakfast – eggs with peppers and spinach, coffee

Lunch – protein milkshake

Dinner – sirlion steak, salmon

This being Halloween, we had to have candy in the house.  I had 2 ‘fun’ sized candies.  I hope we have lots of visitors so we can dump this blessed wretched stuff.


Tuesday, November 1, Day 107

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and frittatas with coffee

Lunch – Grill Mahi Mahi

Dinner – 2 porkchops, yogurt and 3 pieces of Halloween candy


Wednesday, November 2, Day 108

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and frittatas with coffee

Lunch – left over chops with yogurt

Dinner – grilled sirloin, yogurt

2 Reeces cups, frozen from the night before, awesome stuff and huge violations


Thursday, November 3, Day 109

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and frittatas with coffee

Lunch – Broiled chicken

Dinner – 2 hamburger patties, yogurt

4 or 5 pieces of Halloween candy… just trying to get rid of the stuff.  Yeah right.


Friday, November 4, Day 110

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and frittatas with coffee

Lunch – 2 hamburger patties, yogurt

Dinner – Meatballs, with a small bowl of chili (no beans)… wife made food for the weekend trip and I sampled from the bounty.

Another 4 pieces of Halloween candy, I can’t help myself.  I promise to be good once they’re gone.  I also had a couple cocktails tonight and a couple handfuls of coco covered Almonds, wow, very good.

Also, you’ll notice that’s it’s been a while since I last stepped on the scale.  I know I’ve stepped backwards of late so I don’t want the scale to measure those transgressions nor do I want to have to write about it.  Suffice it so say, I’ll get this back on track and weigh in soon.


Saturday, November 5, Day 111

Breakfast – yogurt

Lunch – Chili… with beans and over corn chips

Dinner – More chili, without beans but still over corn chips… it’s the only American way to eat chili, right!?

I also had a couple cocktails during the day.  It was game day and they were spread across several hours, but still high in carb counts.


Sunday, November 6, Day 112

Breakfast – 3 Eggs over easy, tomato slices, yogurt, and coffee

Lunch – (late) BBQ pork

Dinner – Protein shake and yogurt