Dukan Diet – Week 4

Week 4 – Cruise Phase

In this report I share another weigh in and the perils of dieting while traveling for work.  I also achieve a milestone of sorts in my recovery from injury.

Monday, August 8, Day 22

Breakfast – Yogurt, Protein shake and coffee

Lunch – 2 hamburger patties

Dinner – grilled fish, protein shake and yogurt

Tried the scales again and dropped 2 pounds.  Was pleased to see this after the discipline or pure restraint I showed over the weekend, and all last week recovering from my accident for that matter.  That puts me at 9.5 pounds total so far and I’m really feeling it.  Granted, I’ve missed my exercises the last week and I’ll be slow getting back to speed, but generally I am feeling better and my clothes are beginning to fit better – I found a new/old belt hole and my 2x T-shirts are draping more rather than simply covering an expanding waistline.

I’m really looking forward to getting into double digits.  I know I have a larger end game goal but it’s the incremental progress that keeps me going… 10 is really the first such milestone.  It’s a big one, but it’s indicative of this being a series whereas 2 or 5lbs is more skipping meals during a busy work week.  The next milestones are smaller and more representative of incremental progress – 12, 15 and 20 are next up.  Here’s to more steady progress. 


Tuesday, August 9, Day 23

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, coffee

Lunch – hamburger patty

Dinner – grilled chicken


Wednesday, August 10, Day 24

Breakfast – Dukan pancake

Lunch – Small salad

Dinner – Chopper salad

This morning I left out for a 2 day business trip.  It was a drivable distance so no airports, thank goodness.   I used to travel 4-5 days a week for 13+ years and airports were a part of my normal process.   Now I dislike airports unless a sunny vacation destination is on the other end of my first class seat… which is to say I mostly very much dislike airports.

More to the point, the 2 day business trip is another potential pitfall in my diet.  I have 2 working lunches complete with the typical deli sandwich catering and 1 business dinner to navigate.

I ordered the lunch today to I made sure to order a salad.  It was a serviceable lunch but the sandwiches, chips, and cookies all looked good.  But I held my ground.

Dinner was a funny contrast.  All the ‘bad’ menu items sounded great!  But I elected to go with a chopped salad.  A decent choice, given the alternatives, but perhaps ranking with the cupcake as one of my worst meal selections.  The salad had dried fruits and corn and almonds, and other items forbade during this portion of the Dukan program.  I even indulged in a croton.  However, it was still a freak’n salad, so I’m not going to feel too bad for straying here all things considered.


Thursday, August 11, Day 25

Breakfast – No breakfast.  This was a timing issue but also a bad selection.  Meals should not be skipped.

Lunch – Small salad

Dinner – Grilled chicken salad and unsweet tea.

The lunches today were catered by Panera, so I know they were really good… and the assorted cookie platter looked marvelous.  I know that normally I would have tried to “sample” one of each variety over the course of lunch and the afternoon meetings.  Even as we were packing to leave and so many cookies remained, I would have snagged a couple for the 3 hour drive ahead of me.  That I had NONE, was a notch in my diet discipline post.

The dinner was a roadway stop and again the menu items I would have normally considered all sounded good but their siren song did not lure me from my course.  However, 4 straight meals of salad must be some sort of personal record.


Friday, August 12, Day 26

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and coffee

Lunch – low fat Chicken salad – my wife makes this stuff and it’s the best.   It is low fat and not the gloppy mayo laden crap you’re probably envisioning.

Dinner – Grilled sirloin and hamburger patty, yogurt and protein shake


Saturday, August 13, Day 27

Breakfast – Dukan Pancake, coffee

Lunch – Omelet, protein shake, yogurt

Dinner – Roasted chicken, green beans and a protein shake and yogurt for ‘dessert’.

I worked in the yard today which was nice.  It’s something I enjoy and the yard certainly needed it.  It was also the first real physical chore I’ve undertake since the accident and I held up pretty well.  The heat and effort was exhausting as I was out of shape even compared to my normal condition and I’m sure to pay for the effort tomorrow, but the yard looks better and I can count this as a positive milestone in my recovery.

I also weighed today – before the yard work so we’re not simply reporting water or sweat loss.  I dropped another 2 pounds which brings my total to 11.5 pounds.  Above 10 and on the cusp of 12, my  first 2 ‘milestone’ weights if you recall from a previous entry. 

So far, this diet is working very well.  It is easier than I expected and it has really caused me to realize just how prevalent carbs as a part of our daily diets.  I bet the normal person consumes between 50 and 75% of their calories via carbs without even realizing it.  I’m convinced that people counting fat grams are chasing the wrong culprit.  Even my wife – who is a shrewd label reader – commented that she rarely read the carb contents until I started the program and has been amazed at the high carb counts in nearly every food item on the shelf.

As for me, I’m really encouraged with my progress and look forward to it continuing.  As I continue to recover from my accident, my physical activity will increase which should help me improve or at least maintain my current rate which seems to be hovering around 2-3 pounds per week.  That’s a really good clip and will have me arriving at my target weight before the holiday season – even if that rate slows a bit.  That’s encouraging as I can anticipate the folks I only see a couple times a year greeting a “new me”, and heck, the way we all lament how time goes by so fast, steady weight loss will pile up just as quickly.  


Sunday, August 14, Day 28

Breakfast – Dukan Pancake

Lunch – 2 slices roast beef, protein smoothie (protein mix, yogurt, milk, ice blended)

Dinner – Grilled chicken and fish


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.