Dukan Diet – Week 6

 Week 6 – Cruise Phase

In this report we un-retire some pants and close in on another milestone on the scales.  I also share my larger objectives and goals, and someone takes notice of my progress.

 Monday, August 22, Day 36

Breakfast – Protein shake

Lunch – Yogurt… light lunch due to poor planning by me this morning.

Dinner – baked chicken and protein shake


 Tuesday, August 23, Day 37

Breakfast – Protein shake

Lunch – Baked chicken left overs, sliced tomato, yogurt

Dinner – Omelet, Dukan Pancake, Protein shake

Last night I pulled out a pair of pants from a separate rack in our closet.  This is my ‘maybe’ stack.  As I’ve put on weight I’ve had to buy new clothes and at various stages I’ve had to ‘let go’ of my older clothes to make room for the bigger, er, newer ones.  Every time I’ve cleaned out, I’ve kept a few pairs of pants… just in case.  Well, this morning I pulled on one of those pants and they fit well.   Now, we’re not yet talking skinny jeans, but its more tangible progress.


Wednesday, August 24, Day 38

Breakfast – Dukan pancake, milk, coffee

Lunch – Baked fish – salmon and cod, yogurt

Dinner – 2 grilled chicken breasts, protein shake

I dared to tempt the scales again today.  You’ll recall my disappointment last Thursday to have only lost a pound and then my transgressions over the weekend so I was a little anxious this morning.  And according to my scale, the world is not coming to an end.  I dropped another 2 pounds putting me at 14.5 for the experience thus far.  I’m wearing another formerly ‘snug’ pair of pants that now fit real well and my dress shirt – which used to be one of the few that fit well – is a little too billowy for my tastes.  I may have to pull out some shirts previously set aside.

One point even on top of my progress to date that has me excited is that I’m currently doing this with very limited exercise.  I’ll continue to blame the accident (and to the extent that it disrupted my schedule, ok), but more than anything I’ve gotten used to the extra hour of sleep in the morning.  Once I resume even modest workouts, I should see my progress improve.

So make note if you’re still on the fence.  I’ve dropped nearly 15 pounds with diet adjustments that are easier than you might expect and very little exercise.  Once the diet becomes routine – and it does pretty quickly – it’s like losing weight doing nothing.  Really.


 Thursday, August 25, Day 39

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and coffee

Lunch – Grilled chicken salad

Dinner – Stuffed bell peppers and yogurt for desert.  The stuffed peppers are awesome and my wife is making them with lean hamburger rather than a mix of hamburger and rice.  This makes it Dukan friends and they taste fantastic.  I marveled that if I could eat stuffed peppers and omelets at will that I’d never feel like I was dieting or limiting my food options.  That’s a key to this program – or any program for that matter – finding a routine and friendly food options that allow you to enjoy without the indulge.

 It’s the little daily affirmations I’m cataloging here that motivate me day over day.  I wonder as you read them in rapid succession if they don’t seem overly redundant.   In some ways I’m sure they do – my work days and routine is fairly repetitive at times and the metrics at hand are very similar.  At the same time, it is the daily reinforcement that makes this journey so rewarding.

So in that light… this morning I pulled out pants and a shirt that have been on hold for months.  I even found pants that are 1 and 2 additional sizes less than the 1 size reduction I’m starting to wear with ease.  I may try those on this weekend just to see how close or far I am.

Also this morning my wife commented that she can tell I’m losing weight because there’s less of me to hug.  That’s certainly rewarding to hear we as well.

Football season is just around the corner and with all the games we attend and impromptu parties or get togethers than ensue, I’ll have to be extra careful with what I’m eating.  I’m sure there will be more transgressions but I also feel like I have enough progress and experience under my belt to make my way.  I’m really looking forward to hitting my target by the end of the year.

But what exactly are my targets?  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this much other than to indicate my starting weight on day 1.  So let’s spend a minute on this.

My starting weight was about 255.  I say about because I had been hovering around this weight for several weeks.  I’d have a “heavy” day and spike to hear 260 and then a lighter day around 252 or so.  Using 255 was reasonable, if not conservative, and it’s an easy number for the math.

My last official weigh had me a shade over 240, so I’m calling it a 14.5lb loss thus far.  I don’t have a digital scale so the numbers are not precise but I’m being as honest to the process as my eyesight will allow.

Losing 50lbs just sounds huge (and awesome) so getting down to 205 would be significant win.  I’ve not been that lite in maybe 10 years and it was short lived even at that time.    So, clearly this would be an unquestioned win.

But I remember weighing 205 and thinking I was fat.  Part of that is complex because I’ve always been on the heavy side, and part of it is based on fact, I perhaps was not really fat but I was not thin or lean either.  So with this in mind, I have a secondary target of 195.  Getting under 2 bills would be monumental for me and something I frankly never expected to achieve.  And while I’m not calling it done yet, I feel in control of a process that could yield such a result and that alone feels very nice.

So there you have it, lots more words today but hopefully some good insights on my journey… one that sees me 29% accomplished towards the 205 target (50lbs to lose) and 24% accomplished towards my secondary target of 195 (60lbs to lose).  Cool.


Friday, August 26, Day 40

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and coffee

Lunch – chicken salad and yogurt

Dinner – 2 grilled chicken breasts

Yep, another day and another shirt I’ve NEVER been able to wear because it was cut different than the label – see my previous entry on pet peaves.  Losing weight has opened up lots of “new” clothing options tucked away in my closet.


Saturday, August 27, Day 41

Breakfast –Coffee

Lunch – grilled fish

Dinner – Grilled chicken


Sunday, August 28, Day 42

Breakfast – Dukan pancake and coffee

Lunch – Yogurt

Dinner – Grilled chicken


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.