Found Note


One day last week upon returning home from a difference making day at the office, as I was beginning the Mr. Rogers routine – which is to say changing from my business man attire to a much more comfortable bum-like relax wear – I noticed something stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  Fortunately, this finding was more interesting than disgusting.

It was a wayward post-it note.  Face down and sticky side up, it had latched onto the bottom of my shoe somewhere along the way – In the office?   In the parking garage?   Along the street outside my home? 

My interest in that question was only intensified by what was written on the note. 

“don’t have Lowe’s receipt for $356.89… did enter it into spreadsheet.”

Somewhere, someone is paying attention, and I love it.

I’ve been chided by my wife and my friends for tracking so many things in my varied collection of spreadsheets.  And I mostly don’t mind because that’s how my mind works and I know I’m able to make important decisions pretty quickly (at least from a financial standpoint) as a result.

So it resonated well with me that someone else would have a post-it reminder about a home purchase and its register in a budget tracking spreadsheet.

Alas, I am not alone!

Photo By: Dave

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