Goal Setting – Career Goals (part 4)

 This is the fourth installment in my Goal Setting series.  In this article we will demonstrate the model set forth in the first episode for Career Goals.

As a recap:  You will recall that I am a firm believer in establishing goals across 8 unique facets of my life Spiritual, Financial, Career, Personal Development, Physical, Family, Social, and Household.  I name my approach after a 1998 Tom Wolfe novel, a Man in Full – because I like the imagery evoked by the title.

An ability to service a job and earn an income to provide for our families is (or should be) a mandatory objective for everyone.  However, carving out a career that returns to us fulfillment beyond simply a paycheck is something to which we should all aspire.  We owe this much to ourselves.  Defining a runway for bringing it to pass is the first step.

While these examples borrow from my own goals, these are genericized for demonstration purposes.

Man in Full – Success personified in this category resembles:

·         Blurred line between work and play

·         Accomplishing our Life’s Work

·         Entrepreneurial Spirit

5 Year Goals – Over this timeframe I will make the following strides towards actualizing my vision

·         Multiple Streams of Income

·         $200k annual income

·         Blurring lines between work and play

1 Year Goals – This year I will make the following strides towards success

·         Identify a potential dream job and map a course to it 

·         Read 4 Career Books

·         Launch a side project

1 Month Goals – Monthly activity schedules may resemble

·         Complete a Career oriented book – March, June, September, December

·         Plot (Jan), Plan (Feb – April), Launch (May), Support (June-Dec) a side project

·         Plot (July), Plan (Aug – Oct), Launch (Nov), Support (Dec) a second side project

Today – I will do something today that bends my behavior towards my vision

·         Review/Update my Resume

·         Ponder my passion

·         Create/Update and on-line profile

Just as Rome was not built in day and the longest journey begins with a single step, the power in this model is in how it causes us to consider our end product each day.  In this way we do not simply arrive at our destination as much as we invent habits and patterns that over time reveal our vision through us.


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