Goal Setting – January 2010

 So here we are, on the cusp of what promises to be a fantastic year.  Can you feel it?  Whether you admit it or not is another matter, but I know I’m not alone, January attendance swells in the local health clubs will signal as much.

But today we’re – or at least I am – embarking on a very public journey towards the realization of several of my goals.  As promised in an earlier article, I’ll begin each month – on the first in-month publication date – with a rundown of my goals for that month, as well as, a review of my previous progress.

As I have already crafted my goals for the year, I’ve already selected the items I’ll be pre-viewing each month and drafted the article shells for the year.  Therefore, I’m kinda locked in even if behind the scenes. 

The idea on my side is to further commit myself while allowing for some flexibility if life veers away from my forecasted path.


The Set-up

We’ve talked about the production schedule for these articles, now I’ll set up what you can expect to see with each edition….which is to say not very much.  Beyond this intro edition, these reports will be just that and not acts of literature.  I may offer commentary or elaboration for some objectives or results but mostly I’ll allow the results to stand alone.  Success or failure will be clear and unadulterated.

Keep in mind also that the objectives for each month are unique to that month and often hint or aspire to a larger objective for the year.  For example – losing 24 pounds in 2010 may present as a 2 pound drop within a given month.  Also, know that what I review will represent a random cross section of all my annual goals and monthly objectives – so you won’t become bored by seeing “drop 2 pounds” every month, as an example.

I’ll share 5 objectives each month so in the end you’ll see 60 items.  Some small and some larger, some incremental and some end results.  I’ll share at least 3 items from of my 8 areas of focus so again, you’ll be seeing a cross section.

Logistically, you’ll see introductory remarks and a brief context setting piece for new readers.  Hint, the context will repeat each time so feel free to skip it once you’ve checked it out.  I want to be friendly to both the new readers I hope to reach, as well as, my loyal readers. 

I’ll follow that with a recap of the previous month and my year to date progress (except, of course, this month as it is the first), and finally I’ll conclude with my targets for the new month.

So, I’ve already spent way too many words setting up what should be an easy idea to track.  Perhaps that speaks to some pre-launch nerves….?


 Context Setting for New Readers – Welcome! On this site, I’ve invested considerable time sharing, exploring, and refining my approach to goal setting.  I try to outline goals along 8 unique fronts which together help me – as I accomplish my targets – remain rounded and balanced. My eight fields of focus include:Spiritual, Financial, Career, Personal Development, Physical, Family, Social, and Household.I also layer time horizons across each category to ensure I am able execute in the moment while maintaining an alertness in the end game.For 2010, I am incorporating a new facet into my experiment in self improvement – Public Accountability– and that’s what you’ve stumbled into. Please feel free to check out any of my previous articles on this topic for additional context and exploration.      Man in Full

     4th Quarter

     Accomplish Goals by Having Them



 Progress Recap

*none – this is the first month of this experiment


January Goals





Spiritual Read “Purpose Driven Life”



Financial Order Credit Reports



Career Launch Domains for 2010 Projects



Physical Take Real Age Health Assessment



Social Update my Contact List and Linked In Network







 Let the games begin! 

Feel free to add your goals in the comment fields below.  If there’s enough interest and traction, we may dedicate articles to your progress as well.

Also, please comment on your experience with similar goals or even your general reactions to my goals and progress.


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