Goal Setting – Social Goals (part 8)

 This is the eighth installment in my Goal Setting series.  In this article we will demonstrate the model set forth in the first episode for Social Goals.

As a recap:  You will recall that I am a firm believer in establishing goals across 8 unique facets of my life Spiritual, Financial, Career, Personal Development, Physical, Family, Social, and Household.  I name my approach after a 1998 Tom Wolfe novel, a Man in Full – because I like the imagery evoked by the title.

We are each social creatures – often in our own unique ways – but sometimes we allow our networks to unravel or too much time to elapse between contacts with folks of which we are fond.  Having a schedule or pattern for maintaining contact will prove enriching over time.

While these examples borrow from my own goals, these are genericized for demonstration purposes.

Man in Full – Success personified in this category resembles:

·         Long list of contacts and robust network

·         Demonstrated actions of friendship

·         Mentor of may

5 Year Goals – Over this timeframe I will make the following strides towards actualizing my vision

·         Large and growing network

·         Mentor of few

1 Year Goals – This year I will make the following strides towards success

·         Define plan for maintaining network

·         Add 18 names to network

·         Read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People

1 Month Goals – Monthly activity schedules may resemble

·         Random outreach to 1 network member per week

·         Send holiday greeting to friends and contacts (December)

Today – I will do something today that bends my behavior towards my vision

·         Update Contact List

·         Introduce myself to someone new

·         Reach out to someone

Just as Rome was not built in day and the longest journey begins with a single step, the power in this model is in how it causes us to consider our end product each day.  In this way we do not simply arrive at our destination as much as we invent habits and patterns that over time reveal our vision through us.

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5 thoughts on “Goal Setting – Social Goals (part 8)

  1. My social life has been one that has been put on the back burner, especially for the last year (since my daughter has been born). I still maintain a close friendship with several of lifelong friends, but have ceased expanding my network (at least in real life).

    It’s something I definitely want to improve, but find very hard to do. Thanks for the reminder that Social Goals are a key part of living a balanced life. I should probably do some reevaluating soon.

    Baker @ ManVsDebt’s last blog post..Meet Man Vs. Debt: Updated About Me Page

    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Hey, I understand. This is actually one of my weaker areas but one in which I’m spending more time lately…. partially because of my ongoing job search.

      I’ve never been what I call a ‘power networker’ but I try to do all I can for those I know. I’m learning that simply maintaining trails to existing contacts rather than letting them grow over with time is an easy and powerful process.

      I intend to spend more time with this topic at the appropriate time.

      Thanks again for your comments. I am so pleased to hear the feedback on this goal series. When I crafted this message template from my own goal worksheets (spreadsheet nerd!) I wondered what people would think. I’m both relieved and excited to hear the feedback. I may have to do more with this line of topic moving forward.


  2. Hi Dave, just stumpled on to your site from http://manvsdebt.com.

    I love this post, it really spoke to me.

    Since first reading “7 Habits” and “Getting Things Done” I’ve worked on my own set of categories or facets as you call them, as neither of the two really had it, I think.

    Also the different levels are unique from what I’ve seen so far.

    I will be reading your stuff from now on.


    • Dave Ozment on said:

      Thanks Peter! I greatly appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

      I rememeber sitting at the kitchen table (that line sounds so cliche but it’s true)… about 6 years ago trying to put together some goals for the upcoming year. I frustrated myself because there were so many goals and objectives and each varied in size and timelines. I pressed on for a little while and came up with categories and toyed with timelines but finally let the frustration get the better of me.

      A couple years later someone recommended Dan Miller’s podcast to me. This would have been mid 2007. He started talking about his goal setting strategy and it sounded so much like the notes I had started a couple years earlier. I reviewed some of his stuff and pulled my notes from a dusty folder and started refining and reworking… and now you see where I’ve landed.

      I am so glad you like it and others have commented similarly. That is very satisfying to me.

      I hope to continue refining it and perhaps one day I’ll pull it into some sort of book or product. Perhaps I should document that as a goal!!

      Thanks again and I look forward to connecting with you again!

      **I hope you’ll check out the rest of the series!

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