The Government, Your Newest Auto Industry Expert

Several weeks ago I debated the notion of writing an article on the Cash for Clunkers program.  With a flair for the dramatic, I was going to title the piece “Subsidized Death Spiral”. 

I trust, given the prospective titling, my position relative to the program is clear even sans a 750 word exposition. 

But alas the program came and went and no article materialized.  That’s mostly ok, as I don’t feel beholden to headlines to inspire my regular writing unless it frames a unique angle or otherwise motivates my thinking.  On Sunday morning while surfing the web, I was struck with just such a story – thanks!

It seems that our government, a player in the auto industry since way back in the days of March 2009 has mastered the nuance of the industry and its trends such that it feels justified in publically chastising an auto industry veteran, and leader, and consumer advocate,

In what presents as a form of democratic censorship, the U.S Government blogged – just think about that for a moment – an article attempting to debunk a researched study released by the 43 year auto industry veteran decrying the effectiveness of the program.

While the article seemed to suggest that the overall health of the industry was improving, surely a welcome development for those dependant on its well-being, our government seemed more interested in preserving or propagating good will towards its flawed environmental program.

Interesting, and disgusting, and our tax dollars at work.

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