Happy New Year, I hope you’re ready!

Happy New Year folks.  I trust you finished 2012 with a bang and that you’re ready to get a running start on 2013.  I can mostly nod yes on both counts.

If you want or need a little boost, here are some of my best suggestions and tips:  Crush your goal setting here and your personal budgeting here.

For kicks, here are some good articles to further assist your New Year jump start.

Don’t be Normal in 2013 

Set Realistic Goals based on your past performance 

You have more time than you think

Financial Resolutions

Changes you should consider for the new year

Boost your income in the new year

Become Debt Free

Meanwhile, we have some exciting and agressive plans in place around here as well.  We hope you’ll continue to check to monitor our progress and see what all we’re up to.

In any case, we wish you only the best in the new year.