Job Search – The Series

Today I am launching what I hope is an interesting and informative series on the topic of Job Searches.  I plan to use my own live and currently ongoing experience as my jumping off point and will try to seed my experiences with practical advice I pick up along the way. 

You may be aware from an earlier article that I accepted a buyout package from my previous employer.  A component of their plan was a 45 day contract with a transition services company named DBM.  I originally delayed my engagement with this service for a couple reasons, but yesterday (Tuesday) I attended my initial orientation session.  That’s where we’ll begin.


Walking into the orientation session was interesting.  I arrived early and as the first attendee and for a few moments it felt much like what it was – a quasi training session in a corporate conference room.  The laptop and projector screen were ready and the facilitator was scurrying about with last minute preparations.

Then, as participants started filing in, it began to feel like what it really was – a gathering of recently but no longer employed people.  There were 5 such people in this session so etiquette dictated that we engage one another.  Typically such introductory conversations will revolve around a known common thread – “How many games a year do you attend?” or “Who’s the opening act” or even “Come here often?” – would ordinarily been sufficient ice-breakers.  In this setting, however, it seemed that even “What you in for?” would not have been so awkward.  I look at you and you at me – not holding eye contact for very long – and we each know that however polite we want to be with our phrasing, we are jobless as a result of factors largely out of our control.

Fortunately professionalism took over, and knowing our shared experience was comforting in an odd way.  One person did not talk at all and one perhaps too much and in the end, that felt about right.


I’ll dispense with the narrative for now.  More than anything I wanted to set the stage for the session.  I’ll flip now to a more fact based sharing of the meeting’s contents and what you can expect in future installments in this series.

I had never heard of DBM – remember I was happily employed for 12.5 years – but it seems that they have a pretty large operation with over 228 offices in multiple countries.  DBM was founded in 1968 by 3 clinical psychologists and deploys today a technique they call the Personal Brand Plan.

The basis of the plan – as I know it now – is a self marketing plan designed around 3 focal points:

FOCUS – internally oriented to help identify an individual’s strengths and career inclinations while also charting a roadmap for the search ahead

PREPARE – begin building your marketing components for your target audience – resumes, cover letters, interview prep, etc

ACHIEVE – Interview and negotiate offers

To execute these steps and achieve the deliverables for each, DBM appears to offer a wealth of resources and tools.  I’ll bullet some of the ones that stood out to me:

  • Consultant assigned to each individual to help chart and execute the game plan – I view this as an accountability partner of sorts
  • Office setting for candidate search activities – provides desktop computers, printing, phones, postage, as well as, as setting other than a home office or couch
  • Twice weekly in-office networking events – I’m not sure yet how these operate but will provide updates as I get into it
  • Web-Based training covering a wealth of topics – Networking, Resume Writing, Skills Assessments, etc… were some of the topics I quickly identified. It appeared that as many as 30 classes may be offered each day
  • Soft Skill or Personal Development training – offered as On-Demand web based classes… not sure what all is offered but I did hear that it was comprised of over 1200 topics… more to come
  • 5 part training series on Entrepreneurism
  • 4 part training series on Retirement Planning
  • Communication Style assessments
  • Robust company information database
  • Filtered industry news databases
  • And other information that I’m sure I missed

Overall, I was impressed with their setup and approach and I look forward to engaging this process as I’m growing eager to get back into the job market.  I know in a job setting I can deliver but I haven’t had to deliver in an interview setting for many years so I’m sure this will be of great benefit to me.

I also look forward to sharing my experience and lessons learned with you guys along the way too.  Meanwhile, please ask questions or share your experiences too.

Oh, and by the way, (given my muse) don’t be overly disappointed if this series come to a sudden end!

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