Dukan June

Sunday, June 3

– Dukan pancake, 4 frittatas and coffee

– Protein Shake

– Meatloaf – no breading as binder, yogurt, water

Cardio workout today.


Monday, June 4

– Dukan pancake, 4 frittatas and coffee

– Meat loaf left overs, yogurt, water

– Grilled chicken, yogurt, water

Stepped back on the scales today… first time in a while, and was kinda disappointed. I registered 231… which remains well down from my high of over 255, but I seem to be stuck. I still want to get down to 205 but the lack of movement recently is discouraging. This last week I’ve been more diligent in my diet but I’ll re-examine my efforts and go from there. I do remain confident that I’ll hit my mark.

I also worked out this morning. A little weights and a little cardio. The weights I’m lifting are doing more to tone than add bulk – those days are probably over for me given shifts in priorities – so I firmly doubt that I’m adding or retaining weight do to this this form of exercise.


Tuesday, June 5

– Dukan pancake, 4 frittatas and coffee

– Salmon, yogurt, water

– Meatloaf and sttuffed peppers leftovers, yogurt, water

Tonight was a leftover bonanza. I polished off the last of the meat loaf and stuffed peppers while my wife knocked out some pasta she had made for herself.


Wednesday, June 6

– Dukan pancake, 4 frittatas and coffee

– BBQ and hotdog, yogurt, water

– Turkey caserole, yogurt, water

There was an a sponsored event at work and they provided BBQ and hotdogs. I avoided the breading, chips, and ice cream. The turkey caserole was an insteresting find from my wife. Hard to describe but it had ground turkey with pasta sauce, green beans and cheese. Trust me, I’m not doing it justice because it was great.


Thursday, June 7

– Dukan pancake, 4 frittatas and coffee

– 2 Turkey burgers, yogurt, water

– BBQ with a little sauce and a couple fries, yogurt, water

Yeah, the sauce was a mild infraction and the fries are a pure no-no. In his book, Dukan references 2 foods that he considers caloric wastes. He cites the the carb and fat content as not being worth the effort even in moderation… pizza and fries earn this honor. Otherwise known as 2 of my favorite foods.


Friday, June 8

– Dukan pancake, 4 frittatas and coffee
– 2 Turkey burgers, yogurt, water
– Left over BBQ, left over turkey casserole, and a protein shake.

Wife was out of town so I was fending for myself. I dented some leftovers as a result. Skipped the workout today altogether.


Saturday, June 9

– Dukan pancake and yogurt

– Protein shake

– Omlette

My wife makes good omelettes. I make huge omelettes. I used the remaining BBQ and peppers and onions and probably too much cheese. It wasn’t as good as what my wife makes but it was a good easy dinner.

I worked out and cut the grass today – a non-football season Saturday pattern.


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.

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