Make Your Life Easy

One of my favorite quotes is from career coach Dan Miller.

“Live is easy if we are hard on ourselves and life is hard if we are easy on our selves.”

The symmetry is beautiful and the message profound.  Working out every morning and eating right can be hard.  It can inject 100’s of mini sacrafices and decision points into a given week.  Yet somehow that seems easier than weighing 300lbs and hobbling on worn out knees and ankles.

Staying late to work to prep for tomorrow’s meetings may mean a reheated dinner.  Nailing the meeting with a key client or the boss could mean a sale or promotion.

The examples are easy to find.  Life seems to provide opportunities to determing our philosophy relative to this paradox on a regular basis.

Along these lines, I stumbled across a story on another site that I wanted to share.  Art of Manliness is hosting an article titled Getting Tough With Yourself.  It’s a short and simple story about the approach taken by some vets during WWII.  I personally think we could learn a lot from that generation so when I found this article and knowing its correlation with a favorite quote, I just wanted to share.

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