Link Roundup

 Welcome to another Link Round-up edition.  In this space I share links to articles that I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on in some instances.  I encourage each of you to take a moment – once you’re finished here – to click over and enjoy the content from fellow Personal Finance and Development enthusiasts.

I plan to release a round-up at least once a month.  I’m dropping this one a little early because I have so many great links that I can’t wait to share.

This is a very busy issue with many high quality links and an update on my naming situation and some comments on a recent advertising proposal – I welcome your comments on my decision.  I am also super excited about the relationships I’ve been building, even so far, as a result of this blog.  With all this excitment and content I simply could not wait until the end of the month.

So with this running start, here goes nothing……

Recent Articles

Here’s the perfect article, ripping the words out of my mouth or off my screen – Bloggers Helping Bloggers by TAM perfectly expresses the blogging community and I’m glad to be a part of it!  Coincidently, I ‘met’ TAM just recently as a result of someone including both of us on a link round-up.  As we each investigated our fellow participants we’ve hit it off pretty well… he has some great ideas and content so check him out.

Ron over at The Wisdom Journal reminds us that Struggling is actually good for us.

 Jason, the Frugal Dad recently posted a fantastic article entitled “Renting Rims for Cars – Now I’ve heard it all“…

Jason has had a run of great articles this month… recently he published a good reminder about saving for annual or semi-annual expenses throughout the year in Sinking Fund Eases Strain of Annual Expenses.  I thought it was a good write-up because it was put together well, I thought it was genius because he talks to principles I’ve baked into my Monthy and Bi-Weekly Budget Tools as well as my Cash Management Tool – which are FREE resources on this site – so tell your friends!

Financial Nut Trevor has a great idea for inexpensive family night entertainment

 This falls outside my “monthly” window but a site I recently discovered – No Credit Needed – ran a fantastic series outlinining an “hour a day” program designed to help you regain control over your finances.

Nate is also running a great series over at MoneyYoung.  His target audience is the younger set but his review of the basics is timeless.  Here I’m linking to a truely timeless piece whose meaning and impact only increases with experience and acquired wisdom.

Yes, another series… Ben over at Trees Full of Money has a good series on his recent car buying experience… I especially like how he reminds us that as buyers we are the ones in charge, not the car dealers.

Lindsay shares her productivity secrets in How to be more Productive (and less busy).

John at Moolanomy encourages us to teach our kids about finances

Ramit at I Will Teach You To Be Rich (great name) is following the Seth Godin model of book marketing and making parts of his book available for free online.  I loved the Intro but didn’t completely agree with his stance on Credit Cards.  I really look forward to the rest of the book because I think we’ll have many philosophical overlaps.  He has also launched a funny video series on his love for Suze Orman  Ramit has a strong voice and I look forward to digging deeper into his work.

Jeff at My Super-Charged Life goes old-school on us by reminding us of 3 financial principles that have been forgotten by most but have recemmeted their value in recent times. 

Trent over at the Simple Dollar has been feeding a steady diet of thought provoking articles.  A brief article that I really enjoyed was on Self Reliance… but you must take the prof’s advice and slow read the Emerson quote – powerful stuff!


Classic Articles – favorite articles from months ago

 Leo over at ZenHabits posted one of my favorite productivity articles back in 2007, I trust you’ll enjoy this nugget as well – Purpose Your Day




My My Favorites – self indulgent, yes, here is my favorite recent article from my own inventory

 I genuinely enjoyed participating in my first meme… I won’t do these very often but this one was really fun!  I also enjoyed the discussion prompted by I make $10.50 an hour.

Something Extra – For Free!

A hilarious skit from SNL – Don’t Buy Stuff You Can Not Afford


News and Notes –

I wanted to offer a follow-up on the topic of my blog name and the potential controversy that it entails.  As you are aware, I’ve reached out to the Dave Ramsey in an effort to seek his blessing or approval.  I even posted a copy of that letter here as a form of transparency.

Well, I have an update and that is to say that there is no update.  I have not heard back from Dave Ramsey or his team on the topic of this site or the naming of this site.  I do have good reason to believe that someone from his team has checked us out but I’ve not heard back from them directly.  I am considering a follow-up but I really don’t want to force the issue uncessarily.

Meanwhile, I have identified and contacted other ‘fan’ or ‘tribute’ sites that use Ramsey’s name.  Only 1 has replied and he shared that Ramsey’s folks contacted him (he provided me with a copy of the letter) and he seemed to suggest that they pretty easily reached an agreement regarding his naming convention.  This has made me feel pretty good about my position as I’ve incorporated some of the provisions set forth in that letter.

I’ve added these sites to my blogroll if you care to check them out.  I also found the site, which carries you to a parked site offering (amongst other things) deals on loan consolidations and credit cards.  So if name usage becomes an issue, it appears I’ll fall futher down the list of mis-use concerns. 

In closing… I didn’t mean for this update to run so long… I’m glad to know that someone from Ramsey’s group has checked me out and may be continuing to do so.  It keeps me honest!  I purposefully reject affiliate ads from Credit Card companies even through they have high conversion rates.  And 2 days ago I passed on a direct advertising offer from a PayDay lender wanting to purchase links of even sponsor an article on this site.  While I’d love the revenue to help offset my set-up costs and reward my writing efforts, I know that the messaging is not consistent, but more importantly… I know the audience is watching and that I must remain true to my message, as well as, to you, my valued audience!!

Thanks for reading along… won’t you please share a link to this site with a friend?

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