Link Roundup

Welcome to my inaugural Link Round-up edition.  I look forward to periodically sharing with you links to articles that I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on in some instances.  I encourage each of you to take a moment – once you’re finished here – to click over and enjoy the content from fellow Personal Finance and Development enthusiasts.

I’ll plan to release post a round-up every few weeks with at least one coming out each month.

As always I welcome your comments and questions!


Recent Articles – released since my last roundup

 Pete has a good Series on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps over at Bible Money Matters

 Jeff has good piece on the Debt Snowball over at My Super Charged Life

At My Dollar Plan, Madison has an interesting approach for ‘putting a face’ to her debt

Trent at The Simple Dollar had 2 recent articles I enjoyed commenting on – Should You Use A Credit Card As Your Emergency Fund and When You’re Overcharged of Undercharged

I’m NOT a fan of the stimulus plan, but Four Pillars shared a component that will actually be of benefit to my household – The Cobra Subsidy

Frugal Dad debates the merits of Paying off the Mortgage

Leo at Zen Habits gives us permission to just chill



Classic Article – favorite articles from months ago

Writer Dad gives us  a perfect story for Valentine’s month




My Favorites – self indulgent, yes, here is my favorite recent article from my own inventory

 There were several articles I enjoyed writing during my pre and post launch efforts.  Here are 2 of my favorites because I especially like the message contained in each – Focus. On What is Yours? and Recession Got You Down? Cheer up! Next Time It Will Be Better.

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