Link Round-up – Weekend Get Away Edition

Suger Frosted Flakes, 1954

Welcome to another Link Round-up edition.  Today’s edition comes to you via the magic of the internet – well they all do that I suppose… but this one demonstrates the fullness of that magic… while you’re reading and reviewing the fun articles I’m sharing.  I’ll be whiling away a long weekend gettaway, celebrating my wife’s birthday in Florida….

So if you’ll promise to enjoy these cool links, I’ll promise to enjoy the beach, pool, spa, and fruity umbrella drinks (in moderation of course).

As always I welcome your comments and questions!


Recent Articles – released since my last roundup

NCN and No Credit Needed illustrates the perils of credit

Jonathan at My Money Blog offers a good idea for renters in his Save on Housing Costs: Renegotiate Your Rent.  I find this to be sound and practical advice but if YOU are the landlord you may want to consider preparing for this potential question coming across your doorway! 

Jason the Frugal Dad is a regular guest in this space… he simply writes stuff that I connect with… I hope you guys like it too!  Here’s a good post on the Everyone has one mentality.

Stephen at Rat Race Traps offers a good arguement that stretch or heroic goals are easier to reach than the easy ones.  I think he may be on to something!  He has also released a fantastic article and book recommendation on the topic of positivity

Jeff at My Super Charged Life offers a great primer/reminder on the importance of saving early and often

Baker at ManVsDebt shares his official declaration of war on debt

Ben offers a great borrowing from 401k hypothetical over at Trees Full of Money – for an added bonus read my comment for my take on this topic.

Gibble at Gather Little by Little shares and illustrates the timeless wisdom of Yoda… “Do or do not, there is no try“.

Have you ever made excuses for a situation or event… c’mon, you know you have.  I certainly have… check out  my goal series… I bet I could fabricate an excuse for anything in there.  Well no more, or at least not without a fight.  AJ over at Persuasive recently offered 4 Ways to Stop making excuses.  Read it… then read it again, there’s some good stuff in there!  DO NOT skip the ONE MINUTE video at the beginning!  It will make you want to rush back here or to AJ’s page to comment!  I hope you will!  … in fact (s0rry AJ), if you only have 1 minute, watch the vid and skip the reading… it is that powerful. 

David at My Two Dollars is sharing access to Free Estate Planning and Retirement Resources

Bob at Christian Personal Finance offers a brilliant piece on Prosperity

* If you’re articles are in my round-ups it is because 1) I’ve discovered your blog, 2) I’ve enjoyed reviewing your articles delivered to me via your feed, and 3) you’ve published something recently that either entertained me or spoke to me in some way.  I hope you’ll return the favor(s) – at least steps 1 and 2… and if I’m lucky, I’ll deliver on item 3. 

If your not in my round-up… that’s ok.  Drop me a line to introduce yourself and we’ll ensure that you’re in my reader and the rest will take care of it’s self. 




Classic Articles – favorite articles from months ago

Gibble (Gather Little by Little) also has our classic article with this great story about his son and his process of learning to appreciate what he has.  This is a good read that has stuck with me since reading it. 




My Favorites – self indulgent, yes, here is my favorite recent article from my own inventory

My recent post on Mistaken Identity and how it allowed me to share some good advice to an emailer – and hopefully a new reader – was a lot of fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed both helping the emailer, as well as, the subsequent discussion with some of my readers.  I hope both continue moving forward… though I do hope the emails are intentionally directed to me. 


Recent Carnivals – A great way to share information and links while finding new blogs to explore…

Four Pillars recently hosted the Learn The Basics of Investing – Edition #197 of the Carnival of Personal Finance – this was my first carnival submission/participation!

I’ve Paid For This Already… hosted the Festival of Frugality – my secong carnival!  (I won’t keep a running count, but I am pleased to be participating with so many other talented writers)

WiseBread hosted the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights #2.

The Penny Daily hosted the Carnival of Everything Monday #8


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