Link Round-up – Thanks In Advance edition

 Hello everyone, today I want to take pause and share with you some good stuff from other sites I’ve been keeping an eye on.  I hope you’ll check out the efforts from these talented and insightful folks.

I also want to call your attention to a 2 part series I am launching next week on the issue of Healthcare Reform.  The timing of last weekend’s vote and my article is ironic as I’ve been pondering the idea for just such an article for most of the last 5 months and recently I’ve finally put my thoughts into action.  The outcome… a 2 part series further inspired by a This American Life podcast in which I outline the the conflicting factions that make up the bulk of the healthcare industry and in part 2 I delve into my plan for remaking the industry into a lower cost, competitive, and outcome based model.

Without question, this is the most ambitious writting I’ve done in a while – and yes, this is a shameful plug – but I look forward to its release and welcome your feedback.  Perhaps my ideas are crazy or perhaps I’m onto something… it’ll be your job to let me know.

The series drops in accordance with my regular schedule – Part 1 is Tuesday 11/17 and Part 2 is Friday 11/20.

If you happen to run a site… “Thanks In Advance” if you’ll consider giving it a plug on your site…. yes, I’m shameless!

But with all seriousness, thanks for subscribing and reading along with me and I trust you’ll check out some of the cool content linked below!

– Dave


My Dollar Plan explans how to save money with high deductible insurance plans

Four Pillars reviews one of my favorite books – The Alchemist.

Trent at Simply Dollar continues to crank out this hits, in a recent article he writes about how he keeps score via his Net Worth… not too disimilar from a piece from your very own about you are your record

The Wisdom Journal ponders when to let Life Insurance die

Frugal Dad shares an interesting concept called Financial Fireproofing as a means of reducing your risk of online fraud or theft.

Bucksome Boomer pays tribute to our troops – and I personally want to thank you Boomer for your service, as well as that of your family.  May your stepson return home both safe and soon.

Steven at 100 Goals offers a thoughtful article on the idea of gift giving… a must read given the upcoming season.

Dustin at Engaged Marriage offers a fantastic summary of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.  Dustin shares a lot of great information and experience here in a very brief article… a benchmark for Baby Step articles.

Joe Sangl shares his money saving shopping tips. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Joe live and I’ve listened to his podcasts (we need more of them Joe!), and l can attest, this is one fired up debt kicking dude!

20Something Finance offers some practical advice to consider as we draw near to the end of our annual open enrollment processes

Bible Money Matters challenges us to consider how we plan to manage our million dollars… he breaks down a concept I’ve toyed with, our projected life time earnings and that our current income is merely an installment against that huge number… hmm, makes you look at payments differently I bet

Christian Personal Finance shares 12 steps for a surviving a financial crisis in our marriage

Enemy of Debt challenges us to consider our Financial Profile… I think this is a valuable exercise, to both understand our current status and that to which we are trending

Gather Little by Little challenges us to recognize our level of leverage

Get Rich Slowly encourages us to do what works for us when it comes to attacking debt


Thanks to all the folks responsible for these fine pieces of work and thanks to you for reading here and for checking out these sites too!