Link Round-up – My New Job Edition

Welcome to this month’s Link Round-up.  I’ve titled this one the ‘My New Job’ edition because I just recently accepted a new job and will be starting on June 1.  I first shared this news in a recent meme but I thought I’d list it here again as 1) I’m excited about the new opportunity, and 2) I had to name the round-up something.

I also want to clear up a loose end from my last round-up.  In that edition I left you guys with a question about the metaphor I’ve been using in my round-up pictures.  I typically try to correlate the picture with the content of the article and sometimes I’ll please myself with a thoughtful reference.  Against that back drop, I asked if you guys caught this one or if I was simply laughing at myself… and the responses was largely the latter.

Well…. for all my round-ups I’ve used a Tony the Tiger theme because I think the articles in the round-up are, well…

Theyrrre Grreeeaaatt !!!

Oh well, I’ll try harder next time…. but I do remember that commercial from my Saturday mornings as a child (the one specifically linked above)

At any rate,  here are a few articles that I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on in some instances.  I encourage each of you to take a moment – once you’re finished here – to click over and enjoy the content from fellow Personal Finance and Development enthusiasts. 

Recent Articles – released since my last roundup

Baker offers a challenge wrapped colorfully in humor and honesty in his Is Your Credit Card a Tool or Are You? article.   He also shares an interview he did recently with a Dave Ramsey certified counselor.  A cool idea and good read. 

Rachel Porter is the Ramsey counselor and she runs both Porter Coaching and her Coaching Blog.

Jeff at My Super Charged Life has inventoried resources – many that are free – that have inspired and helped him along the way.

Trent, at The Simple Dollar, demonstrates how little changes can add up.  Trent also authors a must-read and act on piece about preparing your information for an emergency.  I’ve already printed this and added to my to-do list.

Steven shares from his experience as he ponders Frugality: Living or Existing

Ron shares of the audacity some graduating students express over having to repay their student loans… you’ll have to read the comments to find my strong feelings on the matter

The Art of Manliness offers a fitting tribute to Memorial Day… my thanks to all the Vets out there!

Four Pillars shares great perspective for assessing new income and savings opportunities.

Frugal Dad shares some great advice for recent graduates… and it’s a good recap for us not-s0-recent grads as well! 

How To Nail An Inteview is a humorous view into the interviewing process… the principles here are basic but the videos are pretty funny.  Apparently standing out against your competition isn’t always so tough.


Classic Articles – favorite articles from months ago

I recently discovered a great article from a while back, you’ve gotta see how Trent at Simple Dollar distills vast personal finance wisdom onto the back of 5 business cards.   And for even more fun check out Trent’s FREE e-Book elaboration on this topic.  Download here!  (I had to use the back-up link)


My Favorites – self indulgent, yes, here is my favorite recent article from my own inventory

I think my favorite article this month was my list of 5 Things I LOVE About Personal Finance.


 My Carnivals – a great way to share information and links while finding new blogs to explore

Gather Little by Little recently hosted the Carnival of Money Stories – the Inagural Edition

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