Link Roundup – Physical Fitness Edition

 Welcome to another Link Round-up edition.   This is the Physical Fitness edition in honor of the bloggers’ weightloss challenge being sponsored by Baker over at Man vs. Debt.

While I’m a little behind on my personal objectives in this area, I’ve made some progress since the start of this event and I’ve enjoyed the team aspect of this competition.  Congratulations and good luck to everyone… especially my teammates on the Alpha team!

So in the spirit of team building, here are some great articles from my teammates… as well as, some favorites from around the web.  I encourage everyone to check them out.

Recent Articles

Brad at Enemy of Debt steps through the types of insurance to secure and those to avoid.

Laura at Green Panda Treehouse shares how to save money on Health Insurance, Doctor visits, and Prescription Medicines

Abigail at I Pick up Pennies talks about Mixed Marriages – Savers and Spenders

Linsey over at WiseBread shares clues to determining if our Frugality has Failed

Peter over at Bible Money Matters asks if Personal Finance should be a mandatory class in High School

Ron at the Wisdom Journal points out 8 money mistakes that even smart people make

 Trent at Simple Dollar wisely advises that Avoiding Spending is not the same as Saving Money

CJ at Wise Money Matters encourages us to Never Stop Reading

JD (as if reading CJ’s mind) shares his 25 Essential Financial Wisdom Books


Classic Articles – favorite articles from months ago

 The Art of Maniless offers a rundown on the classic pull-up.  This is one exercise I’ve always struggled with and wish I could someday master.  This article offers tips to help in the mastery process.


My Favorites – self indulgent, yes, here is my favorite recent article from my own inventory

 One of my personal favorites over the last few weeks is Mayor of the Mall.  I suppose the story behind the article is a lesson is procrastination… the raw content is from the 2008 holiday season and various drafts of this article have been perched for launch for several weeks but I’ve bumped it numerous times for various reasons.  But I loved the podcast that inspired the article and I especially love the name – which was a line from one of the principals in the story.

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