Link Round-Up – No Rest For The Weary Edition

Tony and Groucho, 1955

Hey everyone, I trust that today’s edition finds you well.  I’m a little compressed for time as my next deadline is quickly approaching and having just recently boasted as to my 6 month streak, I wanted to get something out even if I’m relying on others for all the heavy lifting.

One of the treats in maintaining a site like this is the chance to interact with folks with whom I’d likely never otherwise have the chance.  So below, as a small gesture of my appreciation, I’m sharing links from folks who have recently emailed or left comments on my articles.  I hope you’ll give them a look… there’s a lot of good stuff out there!

For example….

Steven at Hundred Goals always has an interesting take on things… and I love his perspective on “Going Green”.

Wizard Prang – you have to read his definition of what a ‘wizard prang” actually is – wrote  a nice piece on the end of the cash for clunkers program.  I personally wonder how the inevitable wave of repos will be reported… or if it will be…

Prime Targeting shares an interesting correlation between a CEO’s personal finance behaviors and the financial strength of the company he or she runs.  Very interesting and something I found equal parts surprising, and not so much.

Dustin from Engaged Marriage connected with me recently and I have to admit, that I’m looking forward to investing some time (when my schedule allows) catching up on his work.  I’ve written about the need to diversify our goal setting and improvement strategies.  Well, here’s a great resource for working on your marriage.  Two articles have captured my attention recently – the first speaks to investing time in your relationship and the second talks about investing time away from the relationship.  That’s a little word play on my part, but check them out and share what you think.

Bucksome Boomer asks if America is becoming more frugal?  It’s an interesting question and with savings and debt repayment trends moving the way they are, it’s hard to argue against it.  It will be this type of longer term fiscal responsibility that will repair our recent economic woes and help stave off the next one… if such habits stick.

Thanks to each of these fine sites and their contributions.  I hope you’ll check them out… and let’em know I sent you!

Photo by:  Roadsidepictures