Link Round-up Serial Edition

Welcome to another Link Round-up edition.    But beware, as we’re mixing it up with this edition.  In a double special turn of events, we’re deploying a theme edition of the link round ups.  We’ll have to dig deeper than just the last month, but we hope to deliver a power packed collection of useful and entertaining links.

So with no further ado, let’s get started… here are some of my favorite serialized blog articles from around the web:

I’m starting off with a must read serial in the original spirit of the genre,  Available Darkness is an instant classic by my friends over at Collective Inkwell.  This is a pure entertaining indulgence… and you’ll thank me for introducing you to this story several weeks into the series so you can read straight through rather than wait for the weekly chapters.  I won’t give it away other than to promise a riveting story that is both well written and captivating.  When this one day becomes a TV series or feature movie you’ll be able to say you read it on the web first. 

The Simple Dollar has become one of my favorite blogs.  I often find Trent’s work entertaining and more often helpful and practicle.  If you’ve paid attention, you’ve likely noticed that I link to his work a lot here.  Today is no exception as Trent had initiated a pair of interesting series in recent weeks.  The first is called Trent’s 14 Money Rules.  In this series Trent will be sharing a distilled set of his homespun personal finance wisdom. Trent is also re-launching an old Book Club series in which he’ll post his thoughts and reactions to a book he is reading in the interest of collecting comments and engaging reader dialogue through the process.  This differs from his frequent book summary posts in that this is stretched out to enable the Book Club style interaction.  The first book in this renewed series is Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover.  A good book which I’ll have to reread in order to play along with the club.  

Another favorite is Bible Money Matters hosted by my friend Peter Anderson.  Peter is a great guy and has authored 3 fantastic series I’d like to highlight as part of this theme edition.  Amongst his award winning articles is a series on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps (to which I’ve linked before), a series on how to handle and prepare for emergencies, and finally a fantastic week by week review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity course.    

Frugal Dad offers a multi-part series entitled the 7 Day Turnaround  

Brett and Kate at The Art of Manliness recently wrapped up a 30 Days to a Better Man challenge.  In this fun series they offered every day for the month of June a new activity designed to help make better men if us.  A worthy goal no doubt and a fun challenge to work through.  

Steven at Rat Race Trap shared a fine series on supplements and their impact on our brain chemistry.  I enjoyed reading these articles and checking my multi-vitiman labels along the way.  I hope this is a series Steven will continue as there are many more supplements which may be worthy of comment.      

Pat at The Smart Passive Income Blog penned a series on How to Publish an eBook.  This is an idea many of you will recognize that I’ve been entertaining for quite some time…. I simply need to take action, including a re-read of Pat’s informative series.

Brad, the Enemy of Debt is crafting a series on Effective Money Management.

Andrea at Recession Proof Living is sharing an authentic view into her family’s Get of of Debt Journey.

Jonathan Mead at Illuminated Mind shares 33 of Life’s Most Powerful Lessons


My Favorites

Yes, I actually have a couple series that I’ve enjoyed creating as well.  My Goal Setting series was a lot of fun.  I love the comments and feedback that it generated so much that I’m hope to expand and expound upon this content base.

Another series I enjoyed was the Job Search series.  In many ways this remains an unfinished piece of work and I plan to revisit and continue the series through a handful of future editions.  Depending upon my upcoming work load – and when I actually drop this post – I have a vision for another series on becoming a millionarie in the works.  Stay tuned because I’m really excited about this series and think it’ll have some great information you guys will enjoy.  

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