Mad as Hell!

Ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired?  That happened to me recently.

Iron Mike Ditka, legendary former coach of the Chicago Bears once proclaimed that “you’ll get that which you tolerate”.  Great quote, one of my favorites because it is so damned true.

And so it is that over the years I’ve packed on weight as I’ve gotten older.  I’ve always tinkered with exercise programs and had some success but never enough to fully stem (much less reverse) the growth of my waistline.  Rather than draw a line, I simply let out the belt and then replaced the belt, and pants and shirts. 

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  For about a decade.

Then one day I heard a podcast in which the host referenced a diet he had followed that allowed him to lose 50 lbs in what amounted to a handful of months.  Good for him, I thought, good for him.

Days later a wave of motivation struck and I dug deeper, talking the time to read more about the program he followed.  Hmm, that probably wouldn’t work for me I concluded.  So again it was, good for him.

Even more days later as my XXL shirts and pants continued to shrink and a closet full of quality and not cheap clothing only contained a handful of non-ill fitting options.  When my plans for the week required outsized attention on trips to the dry cleaners so I’d have clean enough of my supersized garments.  When my scale reported a number I’d only heard of but never expected to see displayed under my own two feet, and then dared to report new and larger numbers again and again and yet again.

When all of these things happened and my mind fully registered their impact and meaning, I knew that I was indeed getting what I had previously tolerated and thus something had to change.