We Matter

 As part of the ongoing new hire orientation process with my new job, I had the opportunity to participate in a ‘fireside chat’ with our CEO.  It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow new hires, as well as, learn more about the history of our organization and experience the passion and enthusiasm of our corporate leader.

During this discussion our CEO made a bold but well supported pronouncement:  “We Matter”.  He explained how our products and services save our clients money – big money – the kind of money that shows itself on the bottom line and can impact stock price.  “We Matter” he said again with even more conviction.

I had done my homework prior to joining the company and I have certainly learned a lot in my first weeks.  His assertions were undeniably true, equally so his conclusion.  As an organization and business partner, we do matter.

But the expression stuck with me… 2 words, 3 syllables harboring tons of meaning and implication.

‘we mat-ter’

Imagine the simplistic 3 word and masterfully positioned phrase “Just Do It” that has propelled countless folks out of bed and into morning runs or workout sessions – it is simply a command, an order with no context or explanative powers.  On the other hand, “We Matter” offers a bountiful explanation, equal parts reason and motivation – a true catalyst for action.

So while I may lack the charisma or marketing clout to elevate my new found phrase to such heights, I hope to incorporate it into my daily routine and philosophy.

Rather than “just doing it” because, because, I am now “just doing it” because I or we or it matters.  That packs a pungent punch.

Applied to personal finance, because that’s what we just do around here, we smartly manage our money because it matters… to our family, our future, our security, our well being.  Who we are and what we do – the choices and decisions we each make – matter and over the long haul we’d all do well to recognize it and act accordingly.  

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