Does Your Money Even Like You?

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It is easy to assume that you like your money but do you convey that affection through you actions and behaviors?  How does your money reciprocate?

Of course there are Biblical Principles at play here.  The parable of the talents comes straight to mind.  Principles of stewardship and thankfulness are, as well, quick at hand.

The precept here is that a relationship exists between you and your money.  And trust me; you want this to be a high quality and lasting relationship.

So stretch with me for a moment.  Clearly the parallels are not scientific but the lines are straight enough for license.

For best results with your money:

Treat your money as you would a spouse – with great respect

Treat your money as you would a best friend – enjoy its company

Treat your money as you would a baby – delicately

Treat your money as you would a teenager – know, at all times, where it is and where it is going

Treat your money as you would a father – learn from its patterns

Treat your money as you would a mother – feel its comfort

Treat your money as you would a neighbor – keep an eye out for it

Conversely, if you abuse money or consistently treat it frivolously it will abandon you, and when it goes it will take with it your freedom and security.

If you don’t establish a positive relationship with your money, it will become your master.  You will forever chase but never, for long, grasp.

I challenge you to consider your relationship with money.  As with all of our human relationships, there is likely room for improvement.  The advantage though with money is that it will respond to your affections almost immediately.

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