One Month Anniversary

 One Month later and I’m still at it…

I know this post is outside my typical pattern but I wanted to celebrate a mini-milestone with you today.

I’ve been writing articles and sharing my ideas for 1 month and so far it has been quite an experience.  Simply setting up the functionality behind the site was a learning experience with its own frustrations and victories. 

The writing and sharing has been fun and seeing my thoughts ‘published’ on the web has been at once exiting and kinda scary, as much of what I’m sharing is so real and personal to me.  This gives it a certain passion (I hope) but also a personal vulnerability. 

I have also appreciated the positive feedback I’ve received via comments and emails along the way too.  Please keep those coming!

If you are enjoying the journey with me – if you find the material interesting, useful, entertaining, etc – then I ask for a personal favor.  Share the site with someone you know.  If you don’t already subscribe to my RSS or email updates then please consider doing so now.  If you do subscribe then encourage just 1 other person you know to check us out and sign-up.

My goal is to double everything I’ve accomplished in month 1 during the course of month 2 – readers, subscribers, and page hits – and to then double it again in month 3!

I can only accomplish this if 1) I am providing good and useful content and 2) if you’ll help me to spread the word.  I’ll continue to strive on item 1 and welcome your feedback, questions, article ideas etc in this area.  But I cannot achieve item 2 without you.  Give me a hand, please.




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