“Got…. an original idea?”

 Do you remember the original “Got Milk?” advertisements?  The print ads displayed a stack of Oreo cookies next to a tall glass of milk.  The image with the solitary words communicated more than simply a message.  Rather, it perfectly encapsulated an essence.

It was a true original.  Now the “Got………?” ads are ubiquitous.

“Got Insurance?”  “Got Teeth?”  “Got Debt?”  “Got Carpet Stains?” are all billboards I’ve seen in my travels.  In fact, the other night I was confronted with a work truck sporting “Got Stumps?” signage.

Perhaps imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but at some point it is just plain lazy.

I agree with the idea Scott Van Pelt espouses when he says “by the time the latest trends hit JC Penny’s, it’s too late“.

Said another way, originally I might add, a path to success once well worn, is sometimes only a path to mediocrity.

“Because everyone else is doing it” is poor justification for adults, as much as it is for high school kids doing….whatever it is that high school kids do today.  In fact, I might argue that it is worse because, as adults, the stakes are higher.

Rather, exercise your creativity and be unique.  Be your own original.  Be authentic in your approach and don’t fall prey to dimwitted marketing and entertainment offerings.  Be supersized because it is what you want, not because an underachiever can follow a one line script.

I encourage you, and in doing so encourage myself, to resist the cookie cutter sterilization running rampart in our culture today.  Do something original, be something original, demand something original from yourself and your surroundings.

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