Relationships: My Father


Relationships are fantastic and dynamic.  I intend that in the classical way, not so much the popular way.  That alone may be another article for another day and quite likely another scribe, but suffice it to say that relationships span the gulf between beautiful and tragic.  And I know of both.

Volumes may do service to the dysfunctional relationships of which I am a forced participant but today’s entry is a tribute to one of my most favored and brilliant relationships: that with my Father.

My life experience suggests that a grown man having a substantive relationship with his father is unique.  I am proud – and ecstatic – to say that I know of nothing less than a profound relationship with my father.  Even now my heart leaps and my sole soothes as I consider our reality.

Throughout my life, my father has modeled Faith and Work Ethic.  And even as I daily strive and fail to match his example on both counts, I know that I am better for the effort and safe in his regard.


I was late to my own wedding because of my father.  Unnoticeable moments to nearly everyone but his parting words to his single son resonate even today and continue to enrich my being.

“Any concerns, regrets, or second thoughts?” he asked, as I paraphrase his words.  “We can leave now, no questions asked and you’ll have my support”.  It was not ill intentioned towards my fiancé and now wife but rather a heartfelt and knowing offer from the man who experienced divorce from my mother.  He simply knew of the pool into which I was about to leap.

“We have a multi-faceted relationship” he continued.  “Father to Son, Man to Man, Friend to Friend, Motorcyle Riding Buddies, and soon to be, Married Man to Married Man… and at some point his quote becomes mine… as we continue to grow we continue to build and strengthen our own bonds”.

We shook hands and hugged and within minutes he stood by me as my best man on the favorite day of my life.

This past weekend my father and I enjoyed a couple days together on the open road with our motorcycles.  It was something we do and share and love.

It is a version of a trip we’ve enjoyed annually for the last decade or more and it is a recurring moment of time I’d want never to end.  Of course I know better but I’ll not speak of that today.  Rather today I’ll bask in the glory of our recently completed ride and count the days to our next.  In the meantime I’ll contemplate and celebrate what we’ve built through the years.

It is simple, it is elegant, I am thankful, I love you dad.

Photo By: Dave – I took this photo in 2008 when I took my dad to the newly open Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee.

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