Return To Dukan

Where I have I been?  Good question. The short answer is that I’ve been both on and off course.

I documented several days of being on the diet late last year but failed to post that progress – I’ll paste this below for the heck of it. And then as the holiday, and New Years, and…. first couple months of the year unfolded I strayed from both the diet AND the documentation. So with that being the case I need to re-orient my status and then I’ll summarize a couple lessons learned over this time frame.

First, off I’ve gained back some of what I lost. In the month of December I reached the max weight loss of 30.5 points. I went from a starting point of 255.5lbs to a weigh in of 225. After having relaxed my discipline the last couple months I found that 10 pounds made their way back to my mid section. So I’m now 235.

I look at it like this. I lost 30 pounds once so I just need to do it again. If I can hit 205, I’ll be pleased. And here we go.

I learned a couple lessons during this time. Sure, these may be construed as excuses but I’m choosing to view them as “glass is half full” interpretations.

What gets measured gets done – this is actually as straight forward as is gets. When I stopped logging my meals daily, I started to drift away from my disciplined diet. It literally happened like this. Several days passed and I knew I needed to log the meals. Expecting that those meals would be documented, I maintained my discipline but I simply never took the time to log the actions. Once I agreed with myself to take some time off for the holidays…. the disconnect started. Christmas meals became and excuse, then New Years, then an early trip to NOLA came with it’s own set of celebrations and excuses. Each of these were incremental. I was following the diet some days and not on others. Eventually the gap widened until I was eating pizzas, drinking soft drinks, and eating cookies, cakes, ice creams for desert… sometimes multiples at single meals. I literally drifted away from the plan step by step and though I don’t have weekly weigh ins to validate this, I’d swear that 5 of the 10 lbs took months to add and the second 5 took only a week or so as basked in my non compliance.

There is a long term solution – Depending on your level of optimism you’ll find that this perfectly agrees or disagrees with the final lines of the above point. On one hand a relaxed diet approach might add a couple pounds, but this can be managed. Stepping completely way from the plan packs on the pounds and becomes a path back up the scales. The Dukan Diet calls for a transition from the weigh loss phase to the maintenance plan. Instead of allowing my discipline to slowly drift away until it is gone, I should be able to turn up and down my discipline like its a volume switch. Allow treats in spots and buckle down at other times. For example, if I can reach a target weight of 205 and then long term maintain a weight in the 205 to 210 range, I’ll be able to enjoy a nice balance. Of course, first I need to get back on the plan in order to find my way to 205.

Here’s a great site for carb friendly recipes.

Add Workouts – I’m tired or writing about adding workouts to the mix so I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it. I mentioned adding it to the mix but it never happened. Hey, at the time I was dropping pounds so at some level it was easy to let slide, but that’s not sustainable. As of this writing (not posting) I’ve worked out 6 out of the last 8 days. Now let’s be clear, I’m not setting the world on fire but I’ve manage to add both cardio and weights to the mix. I’m focused on adding workouts to my schedule at this point and once this discipline is entrenched, we’ll ramp up the intensity. Thats an approach I think I’d like to spend more time writing about. I think it’s a nice fit with my overall approach to goal setting.

So with that, here goes. I’ve, metephorically, spent some time (perhaps too much time) at a road side attraction and the time has come for me to engage my journey. Here we go.

As promised, here’s all the notes I took late last year but never posted. Enjoy:

Fri Nov 25

– Omelet, coffee

– yogurt

– Grilled chicken

Sat Nov 26

– Omelet Sandwich, coffee



Yes, I had a sandwich today. The first sandwich I’ve had since July. It was a low carb selection from the Dukan book. It was a variant of the Dukan pancake using the oats that Dr. Dukan recommends. This recipe calls for the oats to be baked into a thin bread/wafer that is toasted and used like slices of bread. I thought it was very good and certainly a worthy option for the menu. I think we can be creative in rolling this out again in the future.

good rivalry weekend in college football so we enjoyed a lazy afternoon at home. We picked up some BBQ from a local favorite and grazed on it all afternoon and evening. Probably not the lowest fat option but mostly low carbs. I probably had more of the sauce than I should have given my plan to avoid carbs but oh well. I also had 2 Micelob Ultras which are 2.6 carb grabs each.

Sun Nov 27

– Omelet and coffee

– Protein milkshake

– Low carb burritos

The burritos were basically beef burrito fixings with the option for a lettuce wrap or low carb wrap. I elected for the wraps to better approximate the real thing. They were ok but very very thin which was kinda messy as I tend to over stuff the things. In all, it was a good dinner and demonstrated how a regular meal could be mixed up a little for a low carb effect.

Mon Nov 28

– Dukan pancake, fritatas, coffee

– no lunch

– fajita and margarita

I traveled for business today and upon finally arriving at my client’s location and engaging in my afternoon meetings lunch was not in the offing. After the day in the office I stopped by a local mexican restuarnt for s solo dinner. I was in Texas so the local hole in the wall Mexican joints can be pretty good. This one was ok but not as good as the place I visited during my last visit in October. I did yield a little to some chips but only a few. My larger transgression was the margarita but it too was only just ok. I guess that’s good as I was not tempted to have another. I justified my transgressions by claiming no lunch and the overall low calorie count for the day. I probably took in less calories – even with the carbs – than I burned during the day.

I also had a diet coke while watching MNF in the hotel room.

Tues Nov 29

– omlete and coffee

– no lunch

– Ceaser salad with Salmon and red wine

Again, meetings procluded lunch and I was actually good at dinner. The dressing on the Ceaser probably wasn’t the lowest calorie but I did request no crotons and avoided the array of apps ordered by my host.

I again had a diet coke in the hotel room.

Wed Nov 30

– omlete and coffee

– no lunch.. airline peanuts

– 3 Turkey patties and yogurt

Traveled home today to was in the air during lunch. I had 2 mini packets of peanuts rather than cookies or chips.

Thurs Dec 1

– Dukan pancake and fritatas with coffee

– 1 left over turkey patty and salmon fillet, with yogurt

– Turkey meat loaf. I’ve talked about my wife making low carb friendly meatloaf and this time she made it with ground turkey rather than ground beef for a little extra low cal flare. I found it to be very good and might not have even noticed had it not been announced.

Fri Dec 2

– Dukan pancake and fritatas with coffee

– Salmon fillet over a house salad – from a restuarant called Fish Bones

– Stuffed chicken with marinia sauce – chicken was stuffed with cheese and spinach and this was an great variant from the norm.

Stepped down to the scales this morning and was greatly rewarded for the effort. I dropped another 3 pounds since my last weigh in. This put me at 226 with 29.5 lbs lost from mid July. That is totally awesome. I can’t say how excited and pleased and proud I am to have made this much progress. Truely amazing. This is fantasitc motivation for the remaining progress to be made.

Recall my target is 205 with a stretch goal of 195. The first is a weight loss of 50 and the second is 60. That means I’m a whisper away from being half way to my stretch goal. Again, amazing and awesome.

Even better, as I was getting dressed I pulled my belt to a new hole. Now get this. Today I’m 3 holes into a belt that I could not wear when I started this.

I went to lunch with a co-worker today. I’ve traveled and had meals with this guy over the last couple of months so he knew I was on a diet. At first he was sensative to selecting a resturant that would accommodate my diet. An appreciated gesture and one that earlier in the process might have been an issue. But I was proud to be able to respond that we could go anywhere and that I’d be able to find something I could eat. In my mind that speaks to my progress not only with the diet but in my relationship with food. I did not need to coddle my diet because I knew I could make a good food decision wherever we ate just as easiliy as I could make a poor decision. And to prove the point, I enjoyed the conversation and visit and repreive from the office every bit as much as he did while having salmon, salad, and unsweet tea rather than fried shrimp, fries, and coke.

Sat Dec 3

– omelet and coffee

– spoon of peanut butter

– Grilled sirloin steak with roasted red pepper soup

Not much of a lunch but breakfast was late and the afternoon held promise of a large dinner. It did not disappoint. The roasted red pepper soup was a recipe my wife found and wanted to try. It was fantastic and a perfect compliment to the steak.

Yeah, it’s a day later but typing out 226 as my new weight still feels pretty cool. I’ve not hit this weight in way too many years. It feels good on many fronts to see it again.

Sun Dec 4

– eggs and coffee

– protein milkshake

– Tuna steak and 2 turkey burger patties, yogurt

I grilled the burgers and fish this evening and was very nervious grilling rare tuna steaks myself. Raw fish seems like something to be left to the experts. However, it was pretty good and because we bought a multi fillet bag, I’ll have another shot at it.

Mon Dec 5

– fritatas and coffee

– 2 turkey burger patties and 1 hamburger patty (leftovers from the night before), yogurt

– Milstrone soup

Tues Dec 6

– fritatas and coffee

– left over turkey meatloaf an tuna fish (no mayo)


The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever

Devised by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like.