Dave Ramsey, I Thank You!!

Ideas may come and go but ideas captured and applied with specific and positive results are something else.  It is often these results we wisely seek prior to undertaking a challenging task ourselves.

That is one of the motivations behind this post – perhaps my example will serve as an example for someone else.  But to be honest, this motivation is only secondary. 

The primary motivation for this post is to offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” to Dave Ramsey for his ideas and principles.

Since I started listening to Dave Ramsey’s free podcast in June of 2007, my wife and I have managed to pay off just over $197,000 in debt.  WOW, that’s a HUGE number.  In fairness, this includes almost $117k in a rental property and the liquidation of a money market account to the tune of roughly $7500.  But even those actions required a catalyst and Ramsey’s principles provided just the spark. 

It’s not that I was dumb or even that I wasn’t paying attention – I was and have the budget spreadsheets dating back 10 years to prove it. But what I also had was a flawed plan.  I was trying to do everything at once which enabled me to accomplish nothing.  My budget was spread so thin that I was forced to simply hobble along.  Raises through the years helped but trying to earn my way out of my hole was hopeless and it frustrated my diligence.

And sure enough, at first I thought Ramsey was a wacko and that his message didn’t or even couldn’t apply to me.  In fact, I thought I was a case study in why budgeting didn’t work and so I dared to listen to his podcasts if only to spite his message.

And a funny thing happened on the way to proving my point.  I came to realize that I was wrong.  Not in a wholesale kind of way but certainly in a manager’s special kind of way.  I had the shovel in my hand, I had selected the right tool but I was using the wrong end.  With a couple tweaks to my approach I was able to gain leverage over my situation and thus dial in a much better set of results.

We’re still following his advice even though we’ve currently paused our pay-off plan due to a job situation.  But that development does not take away from what we’ve accomplished so far and what we’re poised to accomplish in the coming years.

So that’s my long way of saying “THANKS DAVE!!” and hopefully motivating some reluctant reader to give it a try.  I can promise that if he can crack my defenses and network of excuses to provide positive results then there’s no doubt that his approach can do the same for you.

And for those already on board the Ramsey express, I invite you to share your results or initial hesitations.  My story may not resonate with a particular reader but I bet yours will.


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