Year One

 Today marks’s one year anniversary!  This is the milestone I’ve been targeting from the start.  I marked time by writing about my 1 month and 6 month anniversaries, but the 1 year mark was the unattainable goal in my mind.

I say unattainable because writing to a recurring deadline is something of a challenge.  At least it has been at times for me in this busy year of transition.  But it has been a wonderful journey and I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride.

Most blogs come and go such that simply making it to this milestone is unique.  That’s another reason I once believed this milestone would not be reached – or at least not reached with an uninterrupted production schedule.

With that, I must quickly move to say thanks to those who have been reading and commenting along the way.  I sometimes wonder if I don’t enjoy engaging the comments more than writing the original articles.  I certainly recall a couple instances where my comment responses were longer than the original article and those are fun and engaging moments… so please continue to comment or start commenting if you have not done so already.

If you’ve only read my words on Facebook, hop over and check out the full site.


Having hit this milestone and taking a moment to look back, I want to set my sites on the future.  As we’ve already started to see in my monthly goal posts – January and February – I have at least hinted towards, if not demonstrated, a full slate of activity for this year.

It is not lost on me the irony or apparent conflicts that exist in my aggressive goals.  Time spent pursuing separate writing projects may be at odds with my desire to grow the site’s footprint.  That is a balancing act I’ll enjoy managing and is likely a topic I’ll engage as the next months unfold.

As a published heads up, there may be instances over the next year in which I’ll need to scale down my twice weekly schedule to accommodate other initiatives.  I don’t anticipate ever failing to deliver at least one article a week but I hope to limit the need for even that scale back.  In any event, I’ll keep you current with my projects and projections in the monthly goal summaries.

So with that as context, let me transition back to a more positive topic – YOU.

For those reading along, I like to think that you play a key role in this writing journey and I’d like for it to be a more active role as well.  Please let me know what you’ve enjoyed most and least about my efforts thus far.  On what topics would you like to see me spend more time?  On what topics would you like to see less time?  What questions or topics would you have me explore that I’ve not yet commented upon?

In the next year I do want to grow my readership and traffic, and I can think of no better way to start than to serve well those following faithfully today.



With an acknowledged nod towards self promotion, here’s a list of my favorite posts from each of the past 12 months.  I hope you’ll take a moment to comment as to your favorites as well.

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